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Greater Deity
Symbol: A skeletal hand
Home Plane: The Necropolis
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, Decay, Undead
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil, Any Neutral
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Undead
Favored Weapon: The hand of Yith (scourge)

Summary::Yith is the god of death, decay, and the undead. Strangely he is also the father god of the Altinian Pantheon.

Yith appears as a skeleton wearing robes made of the fabric of nothingness. In his presence the whispers of a million lost souls can be heard.


Death is the end of all things and all things even the universe itself must end. The idea of creation is an illusion and must be ended so that the finality of death can reign supreme. Those who are truly blessed of Yith shall become undead servants. Never hesitate in the ending of life and revel always in the fact that all things must die and thus all things belong to Yith.

Clergy and Temples[]

The Clergy of Yith work tirelessly toward a goal they refer to as the final death which is the complete and utter destruction of all life on Paradime. To this end they work to conquer nations, fund wars and unleash the horrors of the undead as often as possible. The church of Yith is large and has many agents scattered about the world of paradime all working toward a common goal.

The temples of Yith are imposing edifices dedicated to suffering and death. Also most graveyards have at least a small shrine dedicated to the god of death.


While Yith is the god of death he is also (perhaps out of a perverse sense of amusement) the father god of that Altinian pantheon. He is respected by all the gods though he and the trickster god Ropheus have a very hostile relationship. While he hates his sister B'Garra he seldom moves directly against her or her church preferring to work through intermediaries instead. Yith has strong allinaces with both Alafax (the god of war and tyranny) and G'Thule (the god of savagery and disease)

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