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Yearling Gene[]

Summary::The Yearling Gene causes you to live in the moment, as your lifespan is a single year.

Benefit: +1 Skill point at each level. You pick up new skills quickly.

Drawback: −2 Wisdom. Despite your race, you have the life span of a Yearling, which isn't nearly enough time to gain a worldly perspective. Replace your race's aging with the aging of the chart below. You still gain the benefits and penalties of your race's aging as normal per age category.

Special: Must not be a yearling. Must be able to age (and die of old age).

Roleplaying Ideas: Perhaps, one so short lived has a great zest for life, but a lack of understanding of the world around them. They get up early and stay up late, eager to try new things and see new places lest their time run out with things unfinished. Perhaps a dislike of waiting or tasks that take a long time, becoming impatient with others. Confusion as to why they age so quickly, or perhaps frustration or even depression as to the fact that they will die so soon, living such a fleeting existence.

Table: Yearling Age Progression
Adulthood Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
3 months 6 months 8 months 10 months +1d3 months

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