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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Skull with ruby eyes
Home Plane: Realm of the Second Breath
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: destruction, pain, misery, slaughter
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain

Xox (pronounced Zocks) looks like an ancient Ogre mage, with a sickly blue skin that shows hallmarks of being all but dead, despite his large bulk. He possesses thick robes of a crimson red, which cover him almost like an overcoat, and brandishes a staff made from etched bone, the head of which is a human skull with large rubies encrusted within its eye sockets. It is rumored that with its use, Xox can cast two spells at once through it.


Summary::Xox is an undiluted formation of evil impulse. Murder, slaughter, ignominious thievery, lying, masochism, rape and performing wicked magics are all parts of what make his followers so vile. His main goal is to try and corrupt the Realm of the Second Breath as much as he can, and eventually overthrow Sylornath to allow him to shape the whole realm to his will. The other three subdeities that control portions of the realm serve to prevent this and most of them acknowledge that this ambition is as insane and unreachable as he himself is. The Lady of the Realm merely allows him his stay because of the extremes that he represents, and occasionally visits him to remind him of it.

Clergy and Temples[]

Shrines to Xox are crudely fashioned travesties of pain, torture and unlife that last the test of time through rot and stagnation. They are not so much buildings as simpleton constructions inside and outside of which all manner of vile displays can be observed. Temples of Xox are very often simple masses of wood and stone fashioned into walls and a roof. The much predominated color here is red, the pantry and altars most often stained in the blood of live sacrifices. Worshippers of the other Realm-bound deities sometimes joke that the problem of Xox solves itself; the brittle foundations of these structures occasionally collapse in on themselves, assorted deaths ensuing. Most worship of Xox is done by uncivilized culture; barbarians and evil sorcerers, although quite a few clerics and paladins of slaughter walk the Realm.

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