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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A horned burning skull
Home Plane: Abyss (Ira, Layer 425)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Slaughter, Madness, Conquest, War
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction, Fire, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Greataxe

Summary::The horrors of war are made manifest through Xaphan, a towering burning red classic demon with massive leathery wings and obsidian horns. He has a passing resemblance to a Balor, and it is said he was indeed a Balor who gained divine rank. This plane of Ira is an eternal battlefield, a scorched earth under a blood red sun, whose inhabitants are in constant strife. Factions fight against each other with the most horrific tactics available, and once their enemy is defeated factions fragment to fight each other until a new threat creates another uneasy alliance where the strong command the weak. The dead choke the rivers to a sea of blood, which boils and spits out new soldiers to continue the endless war for Xaphan's amusement. Of course, he would much prefer to spred the chaos outside of his realm, and actively instigates wars wherever he goes, promoting new weapons and magics to kill his opponents on larger and larger scales.

Xaphan is a god of the Nibiru Pantheon.


There is nothing in the world which cannot be solved with violence. Enjoy as your enemies fall before your might, and listen to the beautiful lamentations of their women and children. Pillage rape and burn all you see, for the moment you appear weak someone else will seek your crown.

Clergy and Temples[]

Xaphan is not worshiped in the civilized world, it is the "monster" races... the orcs, the gnolls, the hobgoblins and other foul beasts, that are his followers. These species born with the desire of war make perfect followers. In particular the gnolls he steals for his name cause him to have problems with Yeenoghu, the demon lord of gnolls. While The demon lord has nowhere near the power of a god and does not challenge him directly, his hate for the war god is absolute. Perhaps in a time when Yeenoghu is stronger a war will break out between the nearby planes obsessed with beings of war.

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