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Warp Diver [Type::Xenotheric] Summary::Able to traverse space and time, you can slip into the warp to travel at high speed. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Astroadaptation]], [[Prerequisite::Natural armor +5 or higher]], [[Prerequisite::Con 15]], Prerequisite::must not have to breathe.Benefit: Your ability to move in a zero-pressure environment with negligible gravity now equals your full land movement speed, as well as the ability to charge and run as normal. In addition, you may now slip into "warp", a process that takes a full round action and provokes an attack of opportunity. The effects are similar to a shadow walk spell, but you slip in between the spaces of the universe, and travel much, much faster. Your speed while in warp is luminal (approximately 1,116,000 miles a round)! Likewise the error rate increases, throwing you 1d10 miles off course instead of 1d10x1,000 feet. You may attempt to slip to any other plane which touches the astral, and the process takes 1d4 minutes. Entering the warp draws upon your bio-energy. Every use of the warp function expends 1 charge.Normal: You are not able to enter warp speed.

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