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This character is for people who want to focus on ranged damage from the Warlock and who want to be a decent healer as well. This also includes being Psionic for some feats that'll give you more damage to your Eldritch Blast.


  • Players Handbook (Cleric)
  • Complete Arcane (Warlock)
  • Complete Mage (Eldritch Disciple)
  • Fiendish Codex II (Hellfire Warlock)
  • Complete Divine (Radiant Servant of Pelor)
  • Expanded Psionics (Psionic Feats, Race being Xeph)


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments):(1=lowest, 5=highest...etc) Str=1 Dex=5 Con=4 Int=3 Wis=4 Cha=3

Race (Templates): Xeph

Starting Racial Traits:Xephs allow for Psionic feats and can be Psionically Focused. +2 Dex -2 Str. LA = +0

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Pelor and Kord

ECL Class/HD/LA Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Feats Class
Fort Ref Will
1st Cleric 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Point Blank Shot Strength Domain, Sun Domain
2nd Cleric 2 +1 +3 + +3
3rd Cleric 3 +2 +3 +1 +3 Psionic Meditation (become Psionic focus instead of move)
4th Warlock 1 +2 +3 +1 +5 Eldritchc Blast 1d6 <least invocation>
5th Warlock 2 +3 +3 +1 +6 <least invocation>
6th Eldritch Disciple 1 +3 +5 +1 +8 Psionic Shot (expend Psionic focus and gain 2d6 for range weapon Eldritch Blast) +2d6 Eldritch Blast 2d6, Healing Blast (target teamate with EB to heal instead of harm)
7th Eldritch Disciple 2 +4 +6 +1 +9 <least invocation>
8th Eldritch Disciple 3 +5 +6 +2 +9 Eldritch Blast 3d6
9th Eldritch Disciple 4 +6 +7 +2 +10 Greater Psionic Shot, 4d6 lesser invocation: Brimstone Blast, Gift of the divine patron
10th Eldritch Disciple 5 +6 +7 +2 +10 Eldritch Blast 4d6
11th Hellfire Warlock 1 +6 +7 +2 +12 Eldritch Blast 6d6 (Hellfire blast +2d6, lesser invocation: Eldritch Chain)
12th Hellfire Warlock 2 +7 +7 +2 +13 Extra Turning (prereq for next class) Eldritch Blast 9d6 (Hellfire Blast +4d6)
13th Radiant Servant of Pelor 1 +7 +9 +2 +15 Extra Greater Turning, Radiance
14th Radiant Servant of Pelor 2 +8 +10 +2 +16 Divine Health, Empower Healing
15th Hellfire Warlock 3 +9 +11 +3 +16 Practiced Spellcaster (Cleric) Eldritch Blast 11d6 (Hellfire Blast +6d6), <least or lesser invocation>
16th Eldritch Disciple 6 +10 +12 +4 +17 Eldritch Blast 12d6 (Hellfire +6d6), <least or lesser or greater invocation>
17th Radiant Servant of Pelor 3 +11 +12 +5 +17 Aura of Warding
18th Radiant Servant of Pelor 4 +12 +13 +5 +18 Extra Turning (or whatever you want)
19th Radiant Servant of Pelor 5 +12 +13 +5 +18 Bonus Domain (either Glory or Purification)
20th Radiant Servant of Pelor 6 +13 +14 +6 +19 Maximize Healing

At level 20: Cleric 3/ Warlock 2 / Eldritch Disciple 6 / Hellfire Warlock 3/ Radiant Servant of Pelor 6


So, because of Psionic Shot (greater) and Hellfire Warlock Class, your Eldritch Blasts do a +4d6 and +6d6. That's an extra 10d6 (or just an extra 6d6 if you happen to move). Also, you can use your invocation to buff your cleric spells (the heals). You can heal someone, then it can chain to the next person for half and so forth. Gaining levels in Pelor makes it so your healing is more potent and can eventually have all max heals. [**Only apply to the Healing Domain. Read carefully the class features of Radiant Servant]

You can use (if you decide to get) the Eldritch Spear invocation and apply it to your heals for ranged healing without getting the Reach Spell metamagic feat. Don't forget about Point Blank Shot, within 30 feet, you get +1 on attack and damage rolls. Cleric spell Restoration heals CON damage from using hellfire on EB.

Items of Note[]

  • Greater Chausable of Fell Power (permanent 2d6 extra to EB)
  • Gloves of Eldritch Admixture (does extra 2d6 to EB a limited time a day)
  • Warlock's Sceptre (also does more d6's to EB a limited time per day)
  • any item that can help repair constitution damage from the Hellfire blast


In the Complete Arcane, it says that Warlocks are USUALLY chaotic or evil... USUALLY.

In this case, you are required to be Neutral Good and worship Pelor (because of Radiant Servant of Pelor). For the Eldritch Disciple to work, you must worship a chaotic good god (Kord).

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