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Balance: Fighter

Wait... What? {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You can get information in a highly confusing way. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Diplomacy 5 ranks]]Benefit: Whenever you make a Diplomacy check, you may take a -2 penalty on the roll, in order to try and trick whoever you are talking to, into giving you some bit of information they would not have otherwise given you, or into blurting something out that would have been better kept as a secret.

The DC to do this is equal to the DC to make that particular person rise up to the next attitude in relation to you from what they already are. The target is not aware that they have given you this information or said what they did until either 10 rounds have passed, or someone informs them of what they did, whichever comes first.

You usually have no control of what information is given, but, if you choose to take an additional -4 penalty on the roll (for -6 total), you can attempt to get certain information out of them. Though, you must be aware of what information you are trying to get.Special: If you stick around after receiving your information long enough for them to realize they said what they did, then you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to any Perform (Comedy) check made as their face falls, and you may take 10 on this Perform (Comedy) check.

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