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Vivacious Waters [Type::Racial, Type::Elnade] Summary::You can use part of your body to create animated objects. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Elnade]]Benefit: You gain the Vivacious Waters supernatural ability.Special: She may only animate objects for which she meets the required HD. Example: A 5 HD elnade may animate small or smaller animated objects. Once she reaches 6 HD, she is able to animate medium animated objects.

Vivacious Waters (Su): An elnade may use some of her body to animate porous non-magical objects as a standard action. To do so, she must touch the object. As she does, she takes Constitution damage according to the size of the object to be animated (to a maximum of huge). Part of her body enters the object, animating it as an animated object. The animated object remains under her telepathic command (as a free action) as long as it stays within 100 feet of her. If it goes beyond her range or if she dies or becomes unconscious, it acts randomly as if confused. Once her waters are separated from her, the animated object slowly breaks down, losing 1 HP per hour.
Upon animation, the animated object follows in initiative order after its creator.
She can maintain telepathic control over a number of animated object HD equal to twice her own HD. Example: A 5 HD elnade can control 10 HD of animated objects.
Table: Vivacious Waters
Con Damage Animated Object Size HD Requirement
1 Tiny 2
2 Small 4
3 Medium 6
4 Large 8
5 Huge 10

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