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Variant Non-Humans[edit | edit source]

This rule is a rough change I have used in my games in order to bring other races up to the same level as humans. I actually see quite a bit of racial variation in the games I DM, and the only races that seem to have become a bit too powerful are dwarves and whisper gnomes.

Here is how it works:

  • Humans get +2 to a single ability score of their choice, but lose the skill point bonus.
  • All other races that don't gain bonus feats gain a bonus feat (like a human).
  • Races that grant a bonus feat change it to allow any feat (like a human) rather than a specific feat (if applicable).
    • If the race grants more than one bonus feat, only one of the feats changes to allow any feat to be selected in its place (DM's discretion).

To balance out dwarves, you can allow them to choose either +1 to saving throws against magic and poison, +2 to saving throws against magic, or +2 to saving throws against poison.

I encourage trying out this rule and adapting it to your tastes!

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