Lesser Deity (Neutral)

It is said that Vanua is behind every avalanche, hidden crevasse, and sudden winter storm. Vanua is also responsible for countless pranks against deity and mortal alike. Stories of Vanua’s schemes are common in goliath folklore. While Vanua has a cruel, capricious streak, he’s not evil. His clerics contend that only through misfortune and hardship will the goliath people grow stronger. Vanua appears as a pale white goliath with fiery eyes.

Portfolio: Natural disasters, misfortune.

Domains: Destruction, Fire, Trickery.

Cleric Training: Almost every goliath child is warned that if he doesn’t behave, Vanua will steal him away or make the rock beneath his feet crumble when he’s climbing. Vanua is so embedded in goliath folklore that little formal training is necessary to understand his role in the pantheon.

Quests: Vanua likes nothing better than to separate the weak from the strong, so his agents sometimes set up schemes that put goliaths in harm’s way or create divisions within a healthy tribe.

Prayers: Vanua’s prayers include a number of riddles and question-and-answer flourishes, such as “Who is the flutter in the elder’s heart? Vanua!”

Shrines: Vanua’s shrine is the goliath camp’s main campfire. Sacrifices are simply thrown in the fire to burn.

Rites: Vanua has few rites, other than some brief ceremonies intended to bring misfortune to a spurned lover or other rival.

Herald and Allies: Vanua's herald is an efreeti with 30 Hit Dice. His allies are Medium, Large, and Huge fire elementals.

Favoured Weapon: Heavy Flail.

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