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{{#set:Summary=Move so quickly that you appear in multiple places at once; initiate 1st level maneuvers. }} {{#set:Discipline=Army of One|Type=Boost}}

Vanguard of One
Army of One (Boost)
Level: Level::3
Prerequisite: One Army of One maneuver
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: 5 ft.
Effect: Two duplicates
Duration: Until end of turn

With a feat of all-but-superhuman speed, you rush across the battlefield, attacking many foes all at once.

Two duplicates of you appear, in an adjacent square of your choice. The duplicates are not magic copies or clones — instead, they result from you moving so fast you appear to be in multiple places. Each duplicate has all your class features, abilities, and equipment. If one duplicate is damaged or effected by an ability, so are all of them (as well as you) — anything that happens to one duplicate happens to the rest. If an ability would effect multiple duplicates at once, it is instead only treated as affecting one. Each duplicate may take a single move action to move up to its base land speed, and a single standard action to either make a single melee attack or initiate any maneuver with an initiation action of one standard action. Duplicates are capable of initiating maneuvers of only 1st level. You must know the maneuvers your duplicates use, but you do not need to have them readied, and they are not expended.

Duplicates cannot take full round actions or swift actions, nor may they use their standard and move actions to do anything other than move, attack, or initiate. Duplicates can never recover maneuvers. At the end of your turn, the duplicates disappear. You may choose to remain in your own square, or to appear in a square that was occupied by one of your duplicates (this movement is not teleportation). You cannot use this maneuver if you are grappled, physically restrained, or otherwise incapable of movement.

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