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Summary::Weapons with the vampiric quality siphon the life energy of creatures they wound in combat. Each time a living creature takes damage from a vampiric weapon, the wielder is healed as detailed below.

Damage Inflicted Healing Effect
Less than 8 points None
9-16 points 1d4
17-20 1d8
21-24 1d12
25-30 2d8
31+ points 3d8

Only a handful of melee weapons can become vampiric weapons. The healing effect applies only to attacks against living creatures of the same type as the wielder (subtypes need not be identical). Hit points gained through this use of the weapon cannot be stored (so an unwounded wielder of a vampiric weapon gains no benefits from using it). Striking undead creatures does not cause any negative effects for the wielder.

Moderate necromancy; CL 9th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cure serious wounds, vampiric touch; Price: Cost::+3 bonus.

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