No Natural Diseases

Demonic Power- derived from the Abyss. Neutral Evil.

Fey Power- derived from nature, from Vaeryans. True Neutral.

Eldritch Power- derived from the drift. Chaotic Neutral

Elemental Affinity- PC's choose one element, and gain benefits according to their choice.

Fire- +2 reflex save, +2 to intimidate, +2 to balance. common virtue: Courage. common vice: Rage.

Water- +2 will save, +2 to swim, +2 to diplomacy. common virtue: Humility. common vice: Fickle/Temperamental.

Earth- +2 fortitude save, +2 to climb, +2 concentration. common virtue: Loyalty. common vice: Greedy.

Air- +2 AC circumstance bonus when flat-footed, +2 sense motive, +2 heal. common virtue: optimistic. common vice: Cowardice.

Scaling Racial abilities?





Alignment Affinities!

Fire - impassioned and aggressive (ignores moral gray area)

Water - conflicted and deliberate (conscious of moral ambiguity)

Earth - stalwart and stubborn (doesn't even see the gray areas)

Air - steady and natural (oblivious to morality, simply acts accordingly)

Monk alternate: DR, higher AC bonus, Zen Combat(wis to attack bonus), elemental attacks(instead of magic), full BAB, Zen Defense(immune to damage for one round/day) get rid of immune to disease, add resistance to stun/sleep.

Fighter Alternate: High Reflex save as well as fortitude, additional feat options. (combat awareness tree, optional combat style for rangers too)

Druid Alternate: - Druid: Animal Companion becomes a Familiar, shapeshifting boosted, defensive casting, group utility

Druid Alternate - Shaman: Shapeshifting dropped, offensive casting, second Animal companion at later levels, Totem ability

Paladin Alternate: remove disease removed, replaced with double smite attack bonus, later double smite attack damage, later add turn demons/devils, later raise turn ability by a couple levels

PrC: Arcane Natural: req. 4th level arcane spells, focuses on improving those spells, sudden metamagic, additional low level spells, some spell-like abilities, a few arcane bonus feats.

PrC: Weapon Master: two level PrC req. weapon supremacy, makes fighter awesome with main weapon (SR, DR, +hit bonus/AC/saves, battle stance.

Combat Awareness: flanking bonus against fighter halved (req. Combat Reflexes, fighter level 4)

1.Enemy Awareness: five foot step away from fighter incurs AoO (req. Combat Awareness, Fighter level 8)

2.Battlefield control: -5 penalty to tumble past fighter, five foot step immediate action (req. Enemy Awareness, F lvl 12)

3.Battlefield Mastery: threaten additional five feet out for AoO and flanking (req. Battlefield Control, Fighter level 16)

Ranger Alternate: Combat style: Battle tree ^^

Sanguimancer: blood cleric/mage. totally evil.

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