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Valyria is the crown jewel of the civilized world, and it does not take that responsibility lightly. Other countries of the western continent have sworn allegiance to Valyria, and it is considered the capital of the world, though all do not bow to it's authority. The country is heavily based in religion, and most of the ruling caste are clerics or paladins to some extent. The populace is content with it's government, but highly suspicious, and as a result, magic is despised and reviled by many. No respectable person ever comes into contact with a mage, and no common citizen would dare. At the lower levels of the social caste, stealth, magic, and combat are all combined, so long as they are kept more or less under the radar. At the upper levels, warfare at it's best. clerics, paladins and mighty warriors join forces to destroy evil wherever it may be found. hack and slash campaigns are fairly easy to run here, and paladins need not fear the dreaded 'lawful stupid' moniker, as rogues and wizards are barely tolerated, and evil must hide in the shadows and alleys.

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