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The four major pantheons are aligned with the four sides of the alignment table; Good, Evil, Chaos, and Law. Though there are various other gods in and around the realms, those detailed here hold the most sway over Vaerya, and are the most powerful.

The Vaeryan Seven[]

These benevolent beings are credited with the creation of the planet Vaerya. They are defenders of good, and strive to protect the innocent and righteous, regardless of race or religion. They do not draw power from the number of people who worship them, and have watched Vaerya vigilantly throughout the ages. They directly oppose the actions and agenda of The Fallen, and work tirelessly to protect the world from their malign influence.








The Avatars of Creation[]

Chaotic beings of pure elemental force, these deities are not to be trifled with. At the very least, they hold the mortal races in contempt, more likely, they are not aware of their existence. The Avatars are credited with placing the energy necessary to create the four divinely gifted races; humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomen, before they were sealed each into their own alternate plane of existence. Though they no longer walk the surface of Vaerya, they're realms are close, and their influence is strong.





The Order[]

These mysterious gods appeared soon after the creation of the Avatars, drawn through the drift to fill the balance of power in the cosmos. They are credited with the formation of the gifted races out of the raw elements left behind the Avatar's swath of destruction. Diametrically opposed to the elemental titans, the Order works tirelessly to keep Vaerya running smoothly. The Avatar's influence is barely kept in check through the efforts of The Order.





The Fallen[]

These dark entities are named for their descent into darkness from the ancient society of the Valkyrie. Each is beyond redemption, and want only to see others suffer and fall into darkness. The Fallen strive constantly to upset the rule of the Vaeryan Seven, scheming and conniving in the shadows for various nefarious endeavors. From the Planes of the Damned they work their terrible plans, and their influence seeps into Vaerya any way it can.




Honorable Mention[]

The Dragon Gods

The Eldritch Circle

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