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Date Created: 05/22/2009
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Vaerya[edit | edit source]

Vaerya offers a variety of options for DMs and players alike. It's a unique setting in so far as the cultures, religions and countries go, but it still has all the necessary elements for a truly classic dungeons and dragons experience. [[Summary::Whether you're looking for a feudalistic realm of kings at war where witchcraft is not tolerated, or a capitalistic republic full of intrigue and spells, Vaerya has it all. From the shores of Kelt on the eastern continent, to the Razorback Mountains of Asgard on the western continent there is a realm for any game. Knights, mages, pirates, ninjas, necromancers, priests, nobles, almost anything worth mentioning is available somewhere... you only have to find it. Welcome to the world of Vaerya.]]

Player Info World Reference Running Vaerya
Available by region
For the truly worthy
Player Options
Feats and other ways to customize your character
Thoughts and Ideas
A Temporary page for storing half-baked ideas
The World
Worldwide factions
The Vaerya Pantheon
The Outer Realms
Some ideas to get you started
The who's who of the realms

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