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    I like D&D

    October 6, 2010 by TK-Squared

    You know what? I like D&D. Because it's not reality.

    Reality is god damn boring (in comparison, ofc).


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  • TK-Squared

    Regarding a Campaign

    March 3, 2010 by TK-Squared

    Sup gaiz, I'm just here, making this here blog post.

    While I have one rather slow game, I am interested in opening a second game that is not primarily 'roleplaying' based, but pretty much combat-based. The purpose of which is to allow people to 'test' characters, builds, races, classes or whatever they like in a challenging environment. As my players will be sure to inform you, I am do rather enjoy very challenging combat in that sense. If you are interested in the idea, be sure to reply to this comment with any questions or anything that needs to be clarified.

    So, without further ado..

    Four people awaken within a strange and unfamiliar small room; four of it's five walls houses a single bed extruding from the stone. The beds are not at all c…

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  • TK-Squared

    Sup gaiz, requesting input on anything I put here. This includes any kind of potential abuse you see of the ability and a way of rectifying it.

    Will be a continuation of the Martial Paladin. The class will be, more than likely, SEVEN levels long, aiming for a final level of 17.

    Resolute (Ex): You gain the effects of the Last to Fall feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.

    Vengeful Infusion (Ex): Whenever an ally is killed or knocked out during combat by an enemy, you gain temporary hit points equal to the fallen ally's hit die and a +2 bonus to strength. You cannot gain this bonus twice from the same ally per encounter. This effect is not triggered by any ally gained through any class features or feats.

    moar 2 come, plox comment on cur…

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  • TK-Squared

    The Balance Point System

    September 28, 2009 by TK-Squared

    Contrary to what some people may say, or infer through various actions that are with only merit to degrade, the "Balance Points" system is not a bad system. Infact, it is designed so that all people can, and will, create classes that all have varying levels of "power" (and/or balance) depending on their own personal view of balance. All the system does is assign a title to each and every 'level' of balance based upon a premade class from the Player's Handbook/

    It's easy to prove that the Monk is a weak class. It's easy to prove that the Wizard is an extremely powerful class. The two other points that lay between these two boundaries (Fighter and Rogue) are, also, easy to prove if you demonstrate against various creatures in combat. This poi…

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  • TK-Squared

    We are all aware that the wizard is the be all end all of everything ever with his variety of spells available to him, his ultimate arcane power capable of locking down an entire battle within the matter of seconds. That upmost super power at the fingertips, ready to crush everyone to their deaths with awesome combinations of magic spells. If you're not aware of this, you've been missing out on the power of Wizards (LogicNinja's Guide to being Batman, TreantMonk's Guide to being God) or just full casters in general (Druid's Handbook, Cleric's Handbook).

    So, with this access to the internet; anyone and everyone can optimize (except those roleplays, of course; we all know you can't be powerful if you're roleplaying (roleplaying is all about a…

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