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The wrath of a fully-fledged toxinblade leaves nothing in its wake.

"You're a fool to trust to your body to save you--watch as it crumbles about you!"

Most warriors trust to their weapons to slay foes, but not all. Some use a far more insidious method to debilitate their foes, crushing them from within rather than without, or worse, attacking them both from within and without. The ones that specialize in this method of attack are known as toxinblades, strange warriors who can poison a foe with just a look and a wave of their hands.

Some toxinblades are made through an ancient ritual. Others are born with the ability to produce toxins within their body, their liver and kidneys working together to create a powerful and subversive poison deep within their bodies. They then slowly learn to harness this poison, inflicting every-greater poisons first upon their foes' body, then on their minds, and finally upon their very soul.

Facts about the Toxinblade

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