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Infested[edit | edit source]

Those who fall into the clutches of the zerg swarm are horribly corrupted and mutated according to the whims of their new masters. Most emerge from their morphing chrysalis looking more alien than anything else, but a few are left with few external indications of their new alegiance... to be used as agents to infiltrate their original society and bring it down from within.

Prerequisite: Humanoid

Infested (hydralisk aspect)
Elemental humanoid (infested zerg)
Senses Darkvision
HP +8 per level + Constitution score; Bloodied
AC +2; Fortitude , Reflex , Will
Saving Throws +2
Action Points 1
Ranged.JPG Assault Spine (minor; recharge D6 (4).gif D6 (5).gif D6 (6).gif)
Range 10; +level + 7 vs. AC; targets one enemy in burst, 1d10 + 2 + (1 per 2 levels into the tier) damage. Base damage increases to 2d10 + 2 at 11th level and 3d10 + 2 at 21st level. (See table below.)
Melee.JPG Vengeful Slash (immediate reaction, when struck in melee; at-will)
+7 + level vs. AC; 1d6 + 2 + (1 per 2 levels into the tier) damage. Base damage increases to 2d6 + 4 at 11th level and 3d6 + 6 at 21st level.

Hydralisk Aspect[edit | edit source]

This form of infested has taken on some qualities of the hydralisk, its last pair of fingers fuses into a long, wicked claw although they are still able to wield weapons (invariably a ranged weapon). Along with aspects of anatomy, they inherit the hydralisks vengeful nature.

Tier 1          Damage    Tier 2          Damage    Tier 3          Damage    
1st1d10 + 211th2d10 + 221st3d10 + 2
2nd-3rd1d10 + 312th-13th2d10 + 322nd-23rd3d10 + 3
4th-5th1d10 + 414th-15th2d10 + 424th-25th3d10 + 4
6th-7th1d10 + 516th-17th2d10 + 526th-27th3d10 + 5
8th-9th1d10 + 618th-19th2d10 + 628th-29th3d10 + 6
10th1d10 + 720th2d10 + 730th3d10 + 7

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