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Bad DnD Science[edit | edit source]

Bad is bad. Understand what you're altering before you alter it. Understand your goals before you set out to achieve them.

To Do[edit | edit source]

  • Finalize advanced feat progression (V1 vs. V2).
    • Version 1: One feat every odd level. Ten feats total, three more than standard 3.5.
    • Version 2: One extra feat every sixth level, starting at 1st (1, 6, 12, 18). Eleven feats total, four more than standard 3.5.
    • In games I run, I utilize V2, but I find myself leaning towards V1. Even though it is less feats on a 20 level progression, it provides a 'smoother' progression, and kills dead levels for standard 3.5 Fighters (elimination of dead levels is not a balancing point for this change, nor the motivation).
  • Make Charisma useful for all classes outside of skill checks. Currently, outside of skill checks, and specefic class features, Charisma does nothing (it offers no static benefit).
    • Does Charisma need to be 'fixed'?
    • How will this affect Bards, Paladins, and Sorcerers (and a handful of other non-PHB classes).
  • Attribute equality. Physical attributes do more things than mental attributes (See above, Charisma has zero universal functionality outside of skill checks).
    • 'Buffing' mental attributes widens the gap between casters and physical/melee. It makes casters stronger, and can exacerbate MAD in physical/melee classses.
    • Physical attributes modify 2-4 things each, outside of skill checks, while mental modify 0-2.
  • Mettle>Evasion (or at least Mettle=/=Evasion, balance wise).
    • If mettle were sub-divided into Fortitude and Will, what would you call them (or rather, which is still mettle?)?
    • Mette->Fortitude, Force of Will->Will, Evasion->Reflex(?).
    • Both Fortitude and Will are late game instant death saves. Is evasion inferior to mettle at all levels of gameplay, or just the late/end game?
  • Been toying with switching initiative from Dexterity to Intelligence (since reaction time is just as much mental as it is physical). So, a compromise?
    • (Dex+Int)/2=Initiative(?)
    • Change Improved Initiative to "Pick either Dexterity or Intelligence. This modifier now governs your initiative bonus. In addition, you recieve +4 on initiative checks." Most all other 'Improved' feats change how a mechanic works, and gives a +4, this change would bring Improved Initiative in line with other such feats, and allow for non-dex characters to get higher in combat initiative.
    • However, if changed as above, would benefit casters more than physical/melee (and be of little use to rouges).
  • Make called shots work.
    • Seriously.
    • If a level 1 commoner stabs a 20th level fighter in the eye, regardless of level disparity, it'll do more than 1d4 damage.
    • Hit points (IMO) reflect the level of general trauma a player can sustain before succombing to injury. When you're hit by an arrow for 7 damage, your character hasn't actually been shot (because then he would likely die, regardless of damage rolled, or remaining hit points). Or, it can be viewed as ones ability to avoid lethal damage, either by experience (HP via class levels), or simply being sturdier than most (HP via Con mod).
    • If viewed as the latter, this is why BAB goes up with level, but AC doesn't. Effectively, your hitpoints are a buffer between realism (shot and killed) and enjoyable gameplay.
    • Given the above, called shots bypass hitpoints in favor of reality (that is, great axe to the face kills you, not simply deal 1d12 damage).
  • "Fix" cross class skills.
    • Currently, cross-class skills suffer a double duty penalty: not only are they more expensive, you can't have as many.
    • Idea: still limit the max ranks, but allow people to purchase CC skills on a 1 for 1 basis, like class skills.

Mah Crap[edit | edit source]

My Sandbox

Classes[edit | edit source]

Dragon Shaman, Variant

Fighter, Variant

Healer, Variant

Samurai, Variant

Tao Warrior

Warlock, Variant

Feats[edit | edit source]

Fearless Leader

Forceful Invocation

Rapid Surging

Two-Handed Power Strike

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