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Arcanist[edit | edit source]

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Damage Modifiers
Power Mana Cost Description Stackable?
Fire 1 Your spell has the fire descriptor and deals fire damage Yes
Cold 1 Your spell has the cold descriptor and deals cold damage Yes
Electricity 1 Your spell has the electricity descriptor and deals firedamage Yes
Sonic 1 Your spell has the sonic descriptor and deals sonic damage Yes
Acid 1 Your spell has the acid descriptor and deals acid damage Yes
Negative 1 Your spell deals negative energy damage Yes
Positive 1 Your spell deals positive energy damage Yes
Power Mana Cost Description Stackable?
Self Burst 2 Your spell bursts from around YOU! No
Line 2 Your spells, they go in a LINE! No
Cone 2 Cones are cool No
Point Burst 3 Your spell makes the landmass erupt with kittens No
Twin Shape 7 If you can fire a line of fire, what's better? FIRING TWO!? No
Cold Damage Modifiers
Power Mana Cost Description Stackable?
Freeze! 3 You freeze those that are hit by your cold damage! OH SNAP. No
Frostbite 2 Your cold attacks cause frostbite to accumulate upon your enemy. Yes
Chilblains 1 Your cold attacks make people so chilled, they have trouble moving. Yes
Fire Damage Modifiers
Power Mana Cost Description Stackable?
Afterburner 3 Your fire just keeps on coming back. No
Electricity Damage Modifiers
Power Mana Cost Description Stackable?
Static Discharge 2 After striking your enemy with electricity, they discharge the built up energy around them!. Yes
Channeling Effects
Power Mana Cost Description Stackable?

Drain Mana 2 You drain an enemy's spell, pew pew! Yes

Mana: Class Levels * Charisma Modifier

MPC: Class Levels + Charisma Modifier + Misc (Up to a maximum of 1.5x Class Levels rounded up)

MPCX: No effect with a mana cost greater or equal to your class level can be added to a spell.

Cold Damage Effects[edit | edit source]

Freeze[edit | edit source]

Mana Cost: 3
Prerequisites: 3d6 Cold Damage
Stackable: No

Your attacks are so cold, that they leave a residue of frozen ice throughout their area. Those caught within are engulfed by ice!

Anyone who takes damage from the cold damage of your spell is entangled for 1 round per 3 cold damage die. A successful fortitude save negates this effect of the spell.

Drain Mana[edit | edit source]

Mana Cost: 2
Stackable: Yes; see text

You link yourself and an enemy with your mysical powers, concentrating upon them and slowly draining their magic powers.

You must succeed on a touch attack against an enemy to channel this spell. This attribute enables you to drain spells every round as long as you continue channeling the spell. Every time you spend a standard action channeling this spell (or cast this spell), you may drain a single spell slot from your enemy dependent on the mana spent on this attribute. The spell is chosen at random. The following table determines the spell level you drain by mana spent on this attribute. If you drain a spell level that the enemy does not have, then you drain their highest spell level available.

Mana Spent Spell Level Drained
2 1d2-1
4 1d3-1
6 1d4-1
8 2d3-2
10 1d6-1
12 2d4-2
14 1d8-1
16 4d3-4
17 1d10-1
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