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First of all , i wanna thank u about this site..It is really helpful.
Secondly , i am sorry about my english language but i hope u would be able to understand me..

I believe that the article with theme " Shadowdancer, Assassin Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) " is wrong.. The reasons are :

i) you wrote that shadowdancer takes death attack +1d6 every level .. Assassin's death attack may be increased every second level but there is no d6 in it .. death attack is an attack during it if the victim fails a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the assassin’s class level + the assassin’s Int modifier) against the kill effect, he/she dies . 
ii)In the other hand , if you mean sneak attack than death attack that means it makes rogues-assassins who might take this prestige class becoming undefeatable in 20th level with crippling strike ability and lingering damage feat.. For example , 10 lvl rogue/assassin + 10 lvl shadowdancer lands in the suprise round (if all attacks find theirs target) 180(all attacks roll 1 in damage dice) - 2200 damage (maximum roll in damage dice) + 20 points strength (enemy takes -10 in attack threats and - 10 in every blow that inflicts damage(if he is a fighter-style character) or he/she dies cause the minimum strength that allows you to stand on your feet is 3 , so the mage-style characters can't have more than 23 strength in any level..The things become worst for the other char if he/she loses the initiative after the suprise round(!).
Finally,i believe that it should be changed ..
i)sneak attack than death attack
ii)be increased 1d6 every 2 , 3 or 4 levels .. (i think that it was earlier +1d6 sneak attack every 4 level)
Thank you for your time,

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