The Kingdom Hearts Organization[edit | edit source]

The magical world of Kingdom Hearts has many things to offer the Dungeons and Dragons universe. From Heartless and Nobodies, to Keyblade Masters and Organization XIII. I am slowly merging the Kingdom Hearts universe with Dungeons and Dragons, one heart at a time.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Throughout my time here I have tried to do many things, by creating my own race Prinny (3.5e Race) which didn't turn out well and now belongs to User:Eiji-kun, to making my own class, Lawyer, which is no longer active on this site. After spending some time on this site and doing research I finally got the idea of what I was doing, now I just needed some things to bring in. So I chose Kingdom Hearts, the popular game franchise by Disney and SquareEnix. It started off with my drive to want to make my own Kingdom Hearts based dungeon, and blossomed to making my own Kingdom Hearts based creations. Now I just can't stop, because there is so much that I can bring from Kingdom Hearts into Dungeons and Dragons.

Completed Works[edit | edit source]

So far these are the only projects that I have finished and published on :

Nobody (3.5e Race)

Nobody Shift (3.5e Feat)

Heartless-Possessed (3.5e Template)

Keyblade (3.5e Equipment)

Dusk (3.5e Monster) Creeper (3.5e Monster)

Works in Progress[edit | edit source]

These are some of the things I would like to begin work on sometime in the near future:

Keyblade Master
Heartless Master
Dark Chosen

Prestige Class:
Keyblade Knight
Keyblade Master of Valor
Keyblade Master of Wisdom
Keyblade Master of Arcana
Keyblade Master of the Ultima
Key to the Cards

Keyblade of Peoples Hearts
Soul Eater

Heartless (All of them, too many to list)
Nobodies (The rest of the lower nobodies)
Unversed (Not sure how many of these there are)

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