About me[edit | edit source]

Ugh, 'bout time I introduced myself I guess.

Name's Soulblazer, just Soul for friends though. Can't reveal my true name though, for obvious reasons. I can however reveal the fact that I'm from Greece. I like RPGs of all kinds and reading. I read a lot. In fact, it's my favourite past time, hobby and damn near my life's point. When not reading, I either go for some free MMO (until Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic come out) or walk around aimlessly.

Unfortunately, RPGs in Greece have been bashed. Hard. Most parents consider them to be some sort of front for satanistic rituals, mostly because there are 'monsters' and players can be 'evil'. Which of course, in their own idealistic, naive and ultimately completely retarded view of the microscopic world they live in would imply that there is a possiblity, as absolutely minute as it may seem, that their darling, beloved and adorable children would not become freakin' doctors that would beat AIDS/Cancer and then proceed to become lawyers and save the world... Yes, there are many people who believe that. So, since playing Carmageddon obviously makes people psychopathic drivers and Counterstrike makes people regular psychopaths, RPGs must be banned lest they taint their beloved innocent and darling children. Which has the unfortunately result of noone learning of RPGs, leading to more or less never finding people to actually play with. Seriously annoying.

Other likes are Anime, though not as much as I used to, and learning how to use a sword properly, even though so far I'm self-taught. Another thing I like is passing myself off as a complete nutcase (which isn't that far from the truth considering I have three personalities) and occasionally attempting to send psychologists to mental wards. Oh what fun.

Anyway, that's that for me. Other likes/dislikes/interests/details about me will become known in time. Maybe.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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Sandboxes[edit | edit source]

User:Soulblazer_87/Mage Gunner: Inspired by Kurohime (and partially Witch Hunter).

User:Soulblazer_87/Goryu Tenchuu: Beefin' up your monk with the aid of the Unified Q'i philosophy. Contains Epic level stuff.

User:Soulblazer_87/Fighter Stuffs: PrCs, Base Classes or whatever alterations I feel like toying with.

User:Soulblazer_87/Nerfin' Wizzies: Wherein I shall attempt (and most probably fail) to nerf wizards some. Not too much, but maybe enough to send them to rogue level. Heh, good luck with that I guess.

User:Soulblazer_87/Naruto RP system: Because I can. I want to see if I can come up with a viable, at least partially logical system. Probably won't, but heh, the fun's in trying!

User:Soulblazer_87/Demonblooded: After publishing it on GitP, I'm also uploading this here, just to be able to mess with it a bit better. Who knows, I may even get a suggestion.

User:Soulblazer_87/Experience-based Class-leveling: Because I've seen so many disagreements about how it. This variant (when completed) will hopefully allow players to spend experience points to purchase class abilities, feats, etc.

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