Here are the basics. They will be updated and placed under proper format later. For now, just the code.

Also, this IS going to be wizard level.

Jutsu[edit | edit source]

Ranking to Spell equivalent:

  • D Ranks: 0-1 level
  • C Ranks: 2-3 level
  • B Ranks: 4-5 level
  • A Ranks: 6-7 level
  • S Ranks: 8-9 level

List: Sorcerer-Bard-Wu Jen (Same spell then highest level counts)

Learn Speed: D rank at 1st level. Next rank every four levels.

SF: No SF for light armor, normal for others.

Control Score: Intelligence (may increase or lower according to feats/class abilities)

Cast System: Spell point, Psychic Warrior count.

Chakra Reserves: As per Psychic Warrior, CON determining amount.

Insufficient Control Score: Pay 2chakra/rank to make up for it.

Extra Jutsu: 300xp per rank.

Average control score needed: 13+rank x 2, may differ according to jutsu.

Average Chakra cost: 2chakra per rank, may differ according to jutsu.

Insufficient level for Jutsu: Double chakra cost per rank needed.

Affinity: Select one at 1st level, -1chakra cost, -1 control needed to perform, reverse for opposed element.

Feats/Traits/Flaws[edit | edit source]


  • One handed Seals: use off-hand for seals, able to keep main hand for items/weapons
  • Kenjutsu Stylist: May use high-level kenjutsu skills of chosen school
  • Clan Member (1st level only): Extra respect/money from clan, access to library, clan techniques, allies
  • Bloodline (Clan member prereq.): Access to bloodline and bloodline-specific jutsu
  • Increased Reserves: +2 chakra/level
  • Increased Control: +1 control
  • Jutsu Focus (element): +2 DC to elemental jutsu
  • Extra Affinity: Select additional chakra affinity
  • Ninja Art Specialist (Genjutsu/Taijutsu/Ninjutsu): +2 DC to jutsu
  • Seal Beginner/Advanced/Expert/Specialist: Access to fuuinjutsu, add DC, cut casting time
  • Taijutsu Stylist: Access to high-level taijutsu skills of chosen school


  • Restrained Chakra: 1/2 chakra reserves-extra feat, may be unable to use bloodline/chakra cost jutsu
  • Forbidden Art: may not learn a single type of jutsu


  • Extra Chakra Reserves: +4chakra, -1 control
  • Extra Control: +1 control, -4 chakra

Ninja[edit | edit source]

BAB: Depends. Ninjutsu Specialists are 3/4, Taijutsu/kenjutsu specialists are 4/4

Class abilities:

  • Tree walking: Level 4, walk on trees, +1 control=1/4 turns
  • Water Walking: level 8, walk on water, +1 control, cost=1/turn
  • Flurry of Blows: extra attacks, as per Monk
  • Weapon Damage increase: Increase damage of one weapon by one step, every 3 levels
  • Evasion/Improved Evasion
  • Mettle/Improved Mettle
  • Bonus Feats: Every 4 levels
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