Base Class: Demonblooded Warrior[edit | edit source]

The demonblooded are mortals like the rest of us. Humans or elves or half bloods or any of the races. But they have one major difference. The blood of demons runs through their veins. And with it demonic powers and intent. Demonblooded are people who can awaken their inner demonic power (usually at will but sometimes and especially the first through intense emotions gone haywire) and control it to bring death to their enemies. Heirs of demonic powers they struggle with the demon within every day. They risk life and soul every time they change. It is important to note that ANY race can be a demonblooded (except Aasimars unless you have a VERY good reason for it) even Tieflings who are a bit closer to their demonic kin than most of their race.

Demonblooded can come from all sorts of lives. Some are bred for war like dogs. Others are raised by powerful agents of evil as soon as their demonic heritage becomes obvious. Others live a mostly normal life until destiny knocks on their door. While the power demonblooded harness is positively demonic and corrupted, demonblooded in themselves are not always so. Some of them are even oblivious to their heritage. However no matter why one uses such power their inner demonic spirit (referred to as inner demon henceforth, it is the 'spiritual' aspect of the demonic parent and the one that gives the power) will always try to take over. Either by cajoling, tempting or threatening the inner demon will always seek to do the most evil (DMs and players should roleplay conversations when applicable as the inner demon is literaly a different mind albeit one that knows the character best and is always trying to sway the character to more and more demonic deeds or take over directly). Demonblooded fight by literraly bringing their demonic side to surface and becoming demons themselves. Maybe not complete demons but very powerful demon-spawn in their own right. Every time a demonblood changes he/she risks falling under the effects of the inner demon. Most know when they should revert to their mortal aspects so as not to risk 'infection' but some either because of naivete, circumstances or just plain stupidity do not change in time. And it is precicely when the demon finds a chance to root deeper and deeper into the poor mortal's soul... It is the most feared and most certain time to come to each and every demonblood. The moment they loose themselves and become demons encased in flesh. To escape that dreadful fate only two ways exist: either become so close to a demon in soul that the inner demon has no 'reason' to take over since you ARE a demon OR walk in the path of light with such belief and determination that you literally 'block' the inner demons attempts to convert you. It is of no surprise that most demonblooded pick the first path as it is the easiest to follow. However it doesn't mean that ALL demonblooded are evil, even though they are seen as demon-spawn when their identities are revealed. Which is why demonblooded usually lead a lonely life or stick to those few they can trust. IF they are lucky enough to find such people. It should be noted however that those lucky few to find people they can really trust tend to be good more often than evil. And they also tend to be very protective of their friends. To a terrifying extent.

Adventures: Demonblooded adventure for one of 2 reasons: either they don't belong and are searching for their 'home' or a purpose in life. Or they have been sent by the dark forces on an equally dark quest. In either case demonblooded are not welcome in towns,cities, castles or temples if their... heritage becomes known. In fact the only ones that would readily welcome one are those that could use the demonblood for their own causes or because they themselves are demonblooded. There is no known demonblooded community though.

Characteristics: Demonblooded are born warriors. Thanks to their inner demon they can be extremely powerful when they change into their 'battle forms'. Inner ferocity and battle instincts guide them to slaughter their enemies in a bath of blood and flesh. Even though demonblood battle forms vary greatly they are all known for their ferocity as well as using only their natural weapons to fight. Much like berserkers demonblooded fight in a red frenzy killing and maiming all in their path until every threat has been exterminated. Few are able (or willing in their state) to control the demonic urges and direct their attacks or show mercy. Even fewer can control it for more than a few seconds or revert the change once it has started. All demonblooded however have a very strong will. They have to lest they are consumed by the demon within and loose themselves. It should also be noted that the inner demon inside often 'advises' the character. Like a constant voice in their head it tries to control them and twist them into its own image. The most terrifying thing is that the inner demon IS the character. It knows all about him/her. The deepest fears, ambitions, shame and pride. And it seeks to twist the poor soul into a heartless demon. The 'voice' however seems to appear only after the demonic blood has become apparent. As if it were sealed or asleep the whole time before it.

Alignment: Demonblooded tend to chaotic evil. The demon within is hard to resist. Especially when one has grown to hate all around him/her. However it is no guarantee that a demonblooded is evil beyond proof or redemption. Quite the opposite. More than a few rebel against their inner demon and choose their own path.

Religion: Demonblooded don't worship any particular deity as a whole but gravitate to deities that fit to their alignement. A good aligned might worship Heironeus or Kord but an evil one probably gravitates towards Ner'ul or Hextor. Most however only pay lip service and don't truly believe.They see no reason to. Good aligned demonblooded do not believe in deities that didn't save them from this fate and evil demonblooded carve their own paths through all that stands before them.

Background: Demonblooded can come from all sorts of life. Even from the aristocracy. Quite a few are raised as beasts of war in the hands of vile magicians or demon-worshippers. Some are also said to have gained their power through forbidden rituals. Although these few individuals are only bastardized versions of a true demonblooded. In truth though most are simple people whose families once had run-ins with demons in ages long gone. Their power (or curse by most) becoming apparent for the forst time in a life-threatening event which ends in a bath of blood.

Races: All common races can be demonblooded. It is however extremely rare amongst dwarves and elves. It can also appear in a tiefling but not in a half demon. It is unheard of to appear in animals, abberations, dragons or magical beasts. It has however appeared in monstrous humanoids.

Other Classes: Demonblooded don't fit well with other classes. Especially with paladins(they always try to kill them), clerics (religious fanatics in their eyes), druids(druids consider them an afront to nature) and wizards (who always try to solve the mystery behind their birth). Some warriors, barbarians or rogues learn to welcome a demonblooded's ferocity in battle as well as their very intimidating aura but they prefer not to hang around demonblooded in any other case. Those few that gain a demonblooded's trust and become friends gain an invaluable ally. And the demonblooded gains another hold against the inner demon.

Role: Demonblooded are born warriors. Crude and bestial to other's eyes but extremely effective none the less. In order to avoid casualties from their allies' sides demonblooded spearhead attacks. A role that suits them fine since their abilities become apparent early on and intimidate most enemies into a hasty retreat.

Demonic Form: The demonblooded fight by shifting in a demonic grotesque form. This form is basically designed from the character's creation but evolves as the demonblooded gains levels or greatly changes his way of thought. It can mirror animals, fallen angels or demonic knights. The looks are upon the player but the DM must approve of an appropriately grotesque form. They usually have exposed flesh or bone to serve as armor. The form mirrors the character's view of himself or his needs. For example someone that lives in mountains is quite possible to have great claws that help him/her climb. In extreme circumstances the demonic form can change mid-combat, though it has to be approved by the DM and only in the direst of circumstance. It also carries a huge risk of infection. The demonblooded's demon form evolves as the demonblooded himself grows in power and grows closer and closer to the demonic 'ideal' of the character. When in demonic form the inner demon is much closer to the character tahn normal and in essense the character makes room for the inner demon to 'guide' and fight. Thus the character gains the full Base Attack Bonus, as in human form it is merely one-half. The skill Demonic Control can greatly help a Demonblooded control himself in combat, and outside. Transforming takes a full-round normally, but Demonic Control and Swift Transformation can speed it up considerably.

Infection: Infection is when the demonic part gains a stronger hold on the character's soul. Infection is on a scale from 0 to 10. All new characters who just discovered their powers or made minimal use of them start with an infection of 0 unless they decide to have more. At infection 10 the character loses himself to his inner demon and becomes a possessed beast forever lost. Thus characters with infection 10 become NPCs. Note that its harder and harder to resist the demonic part the more you fall to it. There are 5 states of being depending on your infection rating.

- 0 infection: Completely clean. The inner demon is mostly silent and you have no adverse effects.

- 1 to 3 infection: Minor infection. The demon is near you and you feel it though it still only has the power to advise you and not directly control you. You begin to have minor side effects. Also the concepts of kindness and friendship begin to lose importance.

- 4 to 6 infection: Moderate infection. The demon speaks to you even out of your demonic form. You begin to forget the meaning of kindness and friendship seems mostly alien to you. Also moderate side effects start affecting your body.

- 7 to 9 infection: Major infection. The demon can assume control if it wins in an opposed Will check (use your stats but not feats, you gain the benefit of I ron Will and an additional +4 if you possess more than 15 ranks in the Demonic Control skill). Your bastard lineage is obvious even in human form. You regularly go on bouts of all consuming wrath and the concepts of kindness love and friendship are now completely alien to you.

- 10 infection: Completely lost. You lose control of your character as he is forevermore absorbed by the inner demon.There are many ways to increase your infection but very few to actually decrease it. Your infection might increase if you: do an act of evil for evil's sake, stay in demonic form for too long or obey the inner demon's advise mindlessly. You can decrease it if: you stay out of demonic form for no less than 3 months (only for minor infection), you commit an act of self sacrifice (up to moderate), perform a cleansing ritual (up to major but extremely rare to come across or acquire the ingredients of it) or use a feat slot (any amount but you can use this solution only 3 times). Evil demonblooded have different ways of removing infection such as going through a rite of 'purification by fire' or striking a deal with dark creatures that take away their taint in return for favours.

Returning From the Fall: It is possible, yet extremely rare for someone to return from the hellish existence that is Infection 10. The reason is quite simple: the character doesn't even want to. It is possible however for the party and friends to redeem him. Such an adventure is up to the DM but at least should include the following: At least two sessions devoted solely to researching and looking for a way to save the fallen Demonblooded. This should include conflict with beings of the lower plains or their avatars on the mortal one. During that quest, the fallen character may roleplay his character against his former friends and the DM has the right to over-rule his decisions if he doesn't stick close enough to the new demonic persona. Even after the party has managed to appeal to and reawaken the character's humanity, he is still plagued by nightmares and his own personnal demon. Thusly, he is considered exhausted at all times and may not benefit from rest at all. During this time, the inner demon will try his best to lure the character back to the dark side and may call for constant Will checks to gain control. To get over this affliction, the character must partake a mostly solitary mission to find some way of confronting his inner demon and sealing it back into the deepest recesses of his soul. That can be done in one of two ways; either a full-out combat that is fought between the demon part and the character himself, where the DM may feel free to alter the rules of the engagement, or a series of roleplaying sessions coupled with Will saves to qwell and beat the demon in his own mind games (the second way is for more experienced players however). Even then, he must receive an Atonement spell to alter his alignment. Upon performing this quest, the character falls back to moderate infection which will go away in time as his body returns to normal. In this case of infection however, the character himself is mentally unaffected by it (in other words he can feel sympathy or empathize with people), but his overall behavious may become jaded due to the rigours of returning from his own personnal hell. Finally, note that this quest could and probably should leave the demonblooded about a level behind the rest of his party, them gaining experience while he was fighting them off. Lastly, those few demonblooded who have gone through the fall and came back now treat their Will as a good save, representing the sheer force of will that drove them to redeeming themselves.

Class BAB Fort Ref Will Special

1st 1 2 2 0 Demonic Form

2nd 2 3 3 0

3rd 3 3 3 1 Touch of Ruin (Magic)

4th 4 4 4 1 Bonus Feat, Bonus Gift

5th 5 4 4 1 Gift/Curse of Blood

6th 6\1 5 5 2

7th 7\2 5 5 2

8th 8\3 6 6 2 Bonus Gift, Touch of Ruin (Alignment)

9th 9\4 6 6 3 Bonus Feat

10th 10\5 7 7 3 Demonic Resilience, Improved Gift/Curse of Blood

11th 11\6\1 7 7 3

12th 12\7\2 8 8 4 Bonus Gift

13th 13\8\3 8 8 4

14th 14\9\4 9 9 4 Bonus Feat, Touch of Ruin (Adamantine)

15th 15\10\5 9 9 5

16th 16\11\6\1 10 10 5 Bonus Gift

17th 17\12\7\2 10 10 5

18th 18\13\8\3 11 11 6

19th 19\14\9\4 11 11 6 Bonus Feat

20th 20\15\10\5 12 12 6 Ascension, Bonus Gift, Touch of Ruin (Silver, Cold Iron)

HD: D10 Skill Points: 2 + Intelligence Modifier (x4 at first level) Class Skills: Demonic Control (Wis), Concentrate (Con), Intimidate (Cha), Craft (Int), Knowledge (The plains) (Int), Profession (Wis), Jump (Str),

Class Features:

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: The Demonblooded Warrior gains proficiency with the quarterstaff, dagger, crossbow, club and mace weapons. He gains no proficiency for armor or shield.

Demonic Form (Su): The character may shift into his demonic form at will. However, each transformation may only last up to his class level + his constitution modifier before it begins to wear on the character's spirit and body, tainting him. Shifting into the Demon form of the character affords several benefits. First of all, his Strength increases by 4 and so does either Dexterity or Constitution (selected at creation, it cannot be changed thereafter). Also, his body hardens considerably, affording the character +4 natural armor. Additionally, the character selects two natural weapons that he can use, be they claws, bite, slam or gore, some times even creating weapons to fight with, weapons that are however part of the character's demonic body. These weapons, regardless of shape, deal 1D6 points of damage and possess 19-20,x2 critical statistics. His reach is only the five feet around him, again regardless of weapon. These abilities however increase considerably as the character nears more and more his own demonic ideal. He increases his Strength and the secondary stat bonus by four points for every four additional levels he possesses either one getting all four or dividing it 2/2 to both. Also, his natural armor increases by one every four additional levels. Moreover, his natural weapon damage also increases by one step every four additional levels. Finally, for every four levels above the first, the character may select a demonic gift for which he fulfills the requirements from the appropriate list. The feat Extra Mutations affords for more choices. Unfortunately, the force with which the character transforms prevents him from wearing any armor or shield, while the demonic half only assissts in the use of the form's natural weapons, making the use of any other weapon all but impossible (considering the lack of proficiency and the fact that it is considered an extended action to use it). Only amulets, rings and the like may be worn by a demonblooded in his demonic form.

Touch of Ruin: The Demonblooded brings ruin just with a touch. His demonic form's natural attacks are considered to be magical for purposes of damage reduction. This ability improves as the Demonblooded becomes stronger, allowing him to bypass damage reduction as if his strikes were aligned (in case of a neutral, he can attack both good and evil equally) at level eight, adamantine at level 14 and cold iron and silver at level 20.

Bonus Feat: The character may select an extra feat from the Demonblooded, General or Combat feats for which he fulfills the requirements, these abilities being the teachings of the demonic half of the character.

Bonus Gift: Your Demonic Form mutates as it approaches closer to your demonic heritage or ideal. You gain a bonus gift of your choice as long as you fulfill the prerequisites.

Gift/Curse of Blood: Depending on the alignment of the character (neutral may select which they gain), the demonblooded gains a very potent ability, for his allies at least. Good-aligned demonblooded gain Gift of Blood. By giving them a little bit of his blood, usually enough to cause him one point of damage, he infuses them with a bit of demonic vigor. The imbibers may then activate the blood inside them, burning it to gain a benefit. Once ignited it either gives them a +1 bonus to either their Attack Bonus, Armor Class or saves for one round per five class levels the demonblooded possesses, or it burns fastly for a greater bonus, lasting only one round but granting a bonus equal to the demonblooded warrior's class level divided by five to their Attack Bonus, Armor Class or saves. Conversely, an evil demonblooded can use it as a contact or injected poison with the same results but negative (detracting instead of adding) and he may choose both when and how they activate. At level 10, the ability improves, granting the imbibers with either Fast Healing of the appropriate amount or dealing them the appropriate damage. One can only benefit from one Gift of Blood or Curse of Blood at one time.

Demonic Resilience: The user becomes much tougher to kill. He gains Fast Healing equal to his Constitution Modifier (including the transformation bonuses) and can regenerate from anything as long as he is still alive, though it hurts a lot to do so. When outside the demonic form, the effect still bleeds out, but healing him/her for only half the amount normal and only using his un-transformed Constitution score as basis. The user can also regenerate any lost limbs in a week (and through unbelievable pain) or re-attach a lost limb if done within five rounds of the dismemberment. Being decapitate does not bring the character back.

Ascension: The character attains ascension, depending on his alignment. If he is evil, he becomes a full-blown demon. Although his stats do not change, he becomes a native outsider of Evil and can claim his own part of Hell to rule. He is forevermore considered an outsider with all benefits and penalties thereof, including becoming immortal and gaining Darkvision 60ft, or improving his current by 30ft. Conversely, if he is of good alignment, he becomes a celestial and his/her demonic form shifts to accomodate such a mighty change, making him appear regal and noble as opposed to demonic and wretched. However, a select few reach True Ascension by maintaining their neutrality. They gain all benefits their new station affords them but, although outsiders, they are unaffected by protection spells of any kind and can be resurrected on any plain. Also, they are considered to be native to any plain, equally being accepted by all.

Feats[edit | edit source]

Swift Transformation [Demonblooded]

You have an affinity for quickly hopping into your demonic form.

Prerequisites: Demon Form class feature.

Benefit: You can transform into your demonic form faster than normal, as a move-equivalent action, leaving you a partial action to use, enabling you to attack, move or charge while transfoming.

Special: If you possess sufficient ranks in Demonic Control, you can change even faster. If you make the check, you transform as a free action, while even failing it means you need the standard now partial action to shift fully.

Normal: It takes a full-round action to change into your demonic form.

Extra Demonic Mutations [Demonblooded]

Your demonic form has more mutations than normal.

Prerequisites: Demon Form class feature.

Benefit: Select any two demonic gifts you fulfill the prerequisites for. You gain those two powers instantly as your demonic form goes through a quick evolution.

Reduce Taint [Demonblooded]

Your demonic taint has been reduced.

Prerequisites: Demon Form class feature, Infection 1+

Bonus: Reduce your Infection score by 1 point. This feat can be taken a maximum of three times, its effects stacking.

Skill[edit | edit source]

Demonic Control (Wis): This skill allows a demonblooded some control over his demonic form, which is usually completely focused in killing and combat. Without this skill, a demonblooded may transform unwillingly and cannot speak or even rationalize in his alternate form. Below are the ranks required to at least make these alterations possible:

1 rank - Speak in Demonic Form: The user must roll a Control check DC 20 every time he wishes to speak something more than a single garbled word. Even then, the voice is rough, but at least understandable.

3 ranks - Non-combat actions: The user must roll a Control check DC 25 every time he wishes to take a non-directly combat related action in demonic form. Add +5 to the DC if it includes not killing someone.

5 ranks - Faster transformation: The user may attempt to speed up his transformation by a control check DC 25, making it into a partial action, leaving another partial action. If he possesses the Swift Transformation feat, he may change it into a free action.

5 ranks - Resist/Suppress Taint: The demonblooded may attempt a Control check DC 25 to resist becoming tainted for another round, adding a +5 to the DC for every subsequent round. Similarly, he may attempt to hide his demonic taint by making a Control check with a DC equal to 10+5 per point of taint he possesses. Success suppresses all visible marks of taint for one minute.

7 ranks - Sustained Actions: The demonic part is quite impatient and does not lend well to any sustained action. By making a Control check DC 25, the character may make an extended action of up to one minute. Subsequent sustained actions require additional checks.

7 ranks - Resist transformation: Certain areas, effects and even dangers may force the user to transform involuntarily, or stay transformed far more than he/she may want to. In such a case, the user may make a Control check DC 25 to resist transforming or revert his transformation.

12 ranks - Partial Transformation: The character may transform only parts of himself, gaining benefits as if he was in Demon Form but only when related to that specific body part.Using partial transformations increases the time that can safely be spent in Demon Form, doubling it, but also increases the risk of taint, doubling the normal amount of taint that would be inflicted. Also, even if its used to form a natural attack, the user's Attack Bonus is not affected because it doesn't allow for full synchronization between the 'normal' character and the demon half. It could however be used to benefit from increased strength to burst a locked door or increase speed. Partial transformations cannot be sped up by Demonic Control checks.

Offencive Gifts[edit | edit source]

The most offensive gifts a demonblooded can possess. Those directed to the destruction of his enemies in the fastest way possible. They include from additional weapons to poisons. Demonblooded with high offensive gifts tend to think that offense is the best defence and rarely get defencive about things. They also tend to be hot headed. Some gifts are marked as attack improves. Each natural weapon can only have 2 attack improve gifts though the character may have many more in other weapons.

Acidic Natural Weapon: Choose a natural weapon. It now drips acid made from your own blood. As such it doesn't affect you. The acid deals 1d6 damage the first round and 1d4 the next round. This is an attack improve ability. You can take this ability up to 3 times. Each time the damage increases by one step (only the primary damage) or it affects another natural weapon.

Acidic Spit: You can spit a glob of acid on your enemies with surprising accuracy. Range is 20ft and it deals normal primary damage in acid. You still have to succeed to a normal ranged attack to hit. Prerequisites: Acidic Natural Weapon (Teeth) or level 10+.

Additional Natural Weapon: The demonic form can use an additional natural weapon. The weapon can evolve on the demonic form or simply the control might improve enough to be able to use it as a weapon. In either case when a characters natural weapons are 3 or more he/she replaces two weapon fighting and ambidexterity with multi weapon fighiting and multi dexterity. The added weapon does damage one size less than a 'normal' primary does (always up to DM for changes and adaptations). The damage can increase as the demonblooded rises in power.

Debilitating Natural Weapon: Choose a natural weapon. Whenever it hits the enemy must make a fortitude save (DC equal to 12 + Strength modifier) or be dazed. If 2 or more saves are failed the target is stunned for one round or the duration increases. This is an attack improve ability. Prerequisites: The natural weapon must be Bludgeoning.

Keened Natural Weapon: Choose a natural weapon. Its threat range is doubled. This is an attack improve ability. Prerequisites: The natural weapon must be Slashing.

Maiming Natural Weapon: Choose a natural weapon. Its critical modifier is now increased by one. Prerequisites: either debilitating or keened or wounding natural weapon gifts.

Natural Weapon Damage Increase: Choose one natural weapon. Its damage increases by one size.

Natural Weapon Ranged Attack: Select a natural weapon. You can make a ranged attack with this weapon by detaching and throwing it towards your opponent. DM's discretion as to weapons selectable. Weapons thrown this way regenerate in 2d4 rounds or 1 day (again DM's discretion). The damage is 2 sizes lower than the natural weapons damage when not thrown. The range is 25ft. You can take this feat more times each time affecting a different weapon or adding 10 ft to the range. Lost limbs in this way are lost when one reverts to normal form. However there are no wounds or pain. And the limb will naturally regenerate over time as if one was in demonic form. Healing cannot speed it up but Regenerate can.

Natural Weapon Reach Increase: Choose a natural weapon. Your reach with this weapon increases by 5ft. DM's discretion on what you can select with this gift. It must also be justified. This gift can be selected 2 times per natural weapon. Effects stack.

Poison Mist: the demonic form can spew forth a vile poisoned mist made from blood poison. It affects all those that inhale it and can affect creatures underwater. The poison is the same as is the one in the mouth or teeth of the demonic form. It uses up 4 doses. Again the character can choose which poison to use. Also the DC goes down 4 but affects all in a 15ft cone. The mist disperses in 3 rounds with no wind. The mist is obvious because of a foul scent and its colour. However the demonblooded can eliminate these factors by gaining the gift multiple times. Each additional time take eliminates one of these factors. Prerequisites: Poisoned Natural Weapon (Teeth).

Poisoned Natural Weapon: Choose a natural weapon. It now drips with poison made from the characters blood. It deals 1d6 damage to one stat of the characters choice (chosen at selection, cannot be altered thereafter) both applicable times. The DC is the demonblooded's level+5+his constitution modifier in human form. This is an attack improve ability. One can have more than one type of poison in a natural weapon but must chose the previous round which of the 2 will be used. No matter how many poisons one has available only one can be applied each attack. The demonblood has 5 doses of a poison inside and recovers one per hour. A dose not used is not wasted.

Ranged attack reload: Select a natural weapon that can be used at range. You are able to use it more often, either due to it returning to you or by regrowing it faster than it should. The 'recharge' speed is based upon the DM's discretion and the weapon used although it always takes at least a full round.

Wounding Natural Weapon: Choose a natural weapon. It now deals 1hp per round per hit for 10 rounds or until a Heal check or healing spell is administered. This is an attack improve ability. Prerequisites: The natural weapon must be Piercing.

Defencive Gifts[edit | edit source]

The defensive gifts a demonblooded can gain while in demonic form. Demonblooded with many defencive powers tend to stand firm and outlast an enemy. They are extremely confident that nothing can hurt them.

Defensive stance: You can enter a defensive stance that makes you almost invinsible by closing all gaps in your armor seamlessly. While in defensive stance you cannot attack or move. You are considered to be in full defense but the bonus is natural armor increase. You also gain an additional +5 natural armor AC and + 4 Fortitude saves but a -4 to reflex since you can't move. Prerequisites: Natural armor increase x2, CON 16+

Movable defensive stance: You can move while in defensive stance albeit very slowly. You gain a movement speed equal to 1/4 of your walk speed round up. The reflex penalty is reduced to -1. Prerequisites: Defensive stance.

Natural armor increase: The demonic armor becomes tougher and harder to wound. Increase Natural Armor bonus by +1

Reflective Carapace: Your natural armor gains the ability to reflect spells back. You can only reflect ray and missile type spells that fail to pass your SR (or PR if using psionics). The spell is reflected back with an attack roll equal to the one that was rolled to hit you -5. Prerequisites: Spell Resistance

Spell Resistance: Your armor can naturally protect you from magical energies,deflecting and dispensing them harmlessly. In essence you gain SR (or PR in case of psionics) equal to your Wisdom+5. Prerequisites: Natural armor increase x2, level 15+, Wisdom 12+

Spikes: The demonic form sprouts spikes you can use when grappling. Deal an extra 1d6damage in grapples.

Mobility Gifts[edit | edit source]

Demonblooded powers focused on movement. Demonblooded that possess such powers can move extremely fast or in different ways such as becoming excellent swimmers or gaining the ability of flight. Of all the demonblooded these are the most likely to get defensive in an argument but only to come back stronger.

Climb: You gain climb speed equal to your movement speed. You need not make climb checks as per game rules.

Erratic Movement: You can charge and run in a non-straight live without a problem. You still have to charge at least 10ft straight to make a charge attack.

Flight: The demonic form sprouts fully functional wings. The demonblood can fly at normal speed carrying normal max weight with him/her with average manouevrability. Prerequisites: Glide, DEX 16+, STR 16+

Glide: The demonic form sprouts semi functional wings. They might not confer true flight but the character can glide slowly. Altitude falls 10 feet for every 40 feet traveled. Speed is normal. The demonblood can't carry more than half normal weight with him/her. The nature of the wings can differ but common choices include feathered and bat like wings although they can just as readily resemble beetle or gossamer wings. Prerequisites: DEX 14+, STR 14+

Move on walls/water: You move so fast you can literraly run on non-horizontal surfaces and water. You can use attacks or cast spells while on water or a wall but in order to maintain footing you must either run all round or end movement on a normal square. Example: you can run your full run distance on a wall for one round then on the next round cast a spell and hop down off the wall. If you had cast the spell on the first round while on the wall you'd have fallen off. The same happens while walking on water (only you sink instead of falling down of course). Prerequisites: Movement speed increase x 2

Movement Speed Increase: Movement speed increases by 10 feet each time this ability is selected. This feat can be taken up to 5 times. The effects stack. Prerequisites: None.

Shadowstep: You gain the ability to move impossibly fast for a short amount of time. You can instantly travel (not teleport although it seems so) your maximum walk distance/2 once every 1d20 rounds as a free action. You activate traps as normal but your speed renders them useless. Also you do not activate readied attacks unless you are somehow seen (impossible under normal circumstances). Attacking right after such a move can be considered flanking or even surprise attack under the GM's discretion. Prerequisites: DEX20+, Movement speed increase x 4

Swim: The character gains swim speed equal to his normal movement speed. He/she no longer needs to make checks to swim.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

More or less common abilities within demonblooded that any can show. They are the most diverse genre and one of the most widely common.

Breathe Underwater: You can breathe underwater with no problem. Also breathing very thin air is not hard either.

Fast Healing: You gain fast healing 2. You naturaly recover 2hp per round. You can take this feat another 3 times. Each time the amount you heal improves by 1. If reduced to -10 hp or lower you still die. Prerequisites: CON 20+

Regeneration: You gain Regeneration. Select 2 substances or effects (such as fire or acid) that deal you normal damage. The rest is converted into subdual. Lost limbs grow back in 1 week and if a lost limb is put back it reattaches in 3 rounds. You can take this one additional time and remove one normal damaging factor. Prerequisites: CON 22+, level 18+.

Size increase: The demonic form increases in size. From now on whenever in demon form the demonblooded is considered one size larger whenever it is best for him/her (i.e. damaging an enemy but not in size modifiers to AC). No changes to the stats are made.

Sneak Attack: Your demonic half knows how to hit enemies where it hurts. As such you gain sneak attack +2d6 like a rogue. You can take this ability another 3 times. Each time you add 1d6 to the sneak attack damage. Prerequisites: Class level 9+, DEX 18+.

Seductive Form: Your demonic form is extremely seductive to those of opposite gender. Through whatever means, you are able to charm a humanoid of different sex as per spell of a caster level equal to half your class level. Prerequisites: Charisma 16+

Intimidating Form: Your demonic form is extremely intimidating to those around you. Whenever charging or landing a critical hit, your enemies must roll a Will save with a DC equal to your Charisma score+ your class level divided by four or be shaken. Prerequisites: Charisma 16+

Energy Wreath: Your demonic form is wreathed in some form of energy, such as fire or lightning. Regardless of how or what energy is used, enemies striking you suffer 1D6 points of damage for every five class levels. As an attack-improvement gift, it can also affect your natural attacks. Prerequisites: Intelligence 16+

Energy Blast: Your demon form can throw fireballs or spit acid or even breath lightning. Regardless of how, you gain a ranged attack dealing energy damage equal to 1D6 per two class levels. It has a range increment of 30ft. Prerequisites: Intelligence 16+

Energy Explosion: You can charge up an extremely large explosion of elemental damage. You can charge for a number of rounds equal to your class level divided by five. Each round of charging adds 1D6points of damage per 2 class levels and increases the range by 10ft. During charging, you may only take move actions, although the attack is unleashed at the begining of your round. Prerequisites: Energy Blast and Energy Wreath of the same type of element, Intelligence 16+

Blurform: Your demonic form can be obscured at will, be it by smoke or bending of light, making it hard to hit. You gain the benefits of the Blur spell for a number of rounds equal to your charisma score each day. Prerequisites: Charisma 14+

Gasseous Form: Your demonic form can become insubstantial for a number of rounds equal to your charisma score each day. It still is visible however. Treat this ability as per Gaseous Form spell. Prerequisites: Charisma 14+

Demon Pact Gifts[edit | edit source]

Demonic powers gained through unholy pacts with otherworldy entities. While endangering the demonblooded's mind and soul many are confident or foolish enough to think that they can control their inner demon. Of all demonblooded these are the most positively evil ones. There is no room for doubt in their case. They have fallen to their demon half long ago and have no intention of rising ever again. Signing the demonic contracts proves there is no hope for these lost souls. Whether they become possessed beasts or utterly demonic in thought there is no salvation for these souls. And they know it. They know it before they sign the contract. But the lure of power takes many... Note that few even amongst the evil demonblooded take up these gifts. And it certainly isn't easy to contact a demon to get these powers from them... Each such gift increases the character's infection by 1 which cannot go away unless a feat slot is used (with the usual restrictions).

Breath of Fire: You gain the ability to breath fire once per 1d10 rounds. You can either breath a 15ft cone or focus it in a 30ft long line. In either case you deal 1D6 fire damage per 2 class levels (reflex save DC equal to 15+your Constitution modifier to halve).You can also set flammable things aflame. Side Effects: your skin becomes hot as if having a fever. When in demonic form if someone looks down your throat he/she will see demonic flames brewing.

Cannibalize: You eat a corpse and also consume part of the spirit. Until you are killed the target cannot be returned to life. In addition you gain +5hp, +1 to Fortitude and Reflex saves and +1 to Strength per HD of the target. These bonuses go away at the rate of 1HD per day. You can hold a number of 'HD' equal to your character level. If you consume more than that you gain no bonuses but still the target cannot be brought back to life. It is quite possible that you'll be addicted way more than simply gaining the power. Weird teeth and a too-large mouth mark this power.

Death Throes: When you die you go in a blaze of demonic power that deals 1d12 damage per HD you have to all in a 200ft of you. A Reflex save with a DC equal to your class level+10 halves the damage. You glow with an inner fire the more you are hurt or angered.

Demonflame armor: You can wreath yourself in demonic fire 2 times per three levels per day for as long as you are in demon form. The flames deal 1D6 fire damage per 2 class levels to anyone that hits you and is within 5ft (reflex save 13+your Constitution or Dexterity modifier, whichever is higher, negates) and grant you +4 to saves against fire or cold effects. You deal the same amount of damage automatically while grappling. The flames are either black or a dark color. Even when inactive your skin is hot to the touch and the gaps in your armor lend others a glimpse of your demonic fire.

Eyes of the Pit: Once every 2 rounds you can fire a ray of energy from your eyes. The ray deals 1d10 energy damage/2 class levels as a touch attack with a range increment of 50ft. Your eyes glow with a demonic light.

Freezing Touch: Choose a natural weapon. It now deals an added 1D6 cold damage per 2 class levels. If you score a critical with this weapon then on top of the added damage your enemy is slowed as per slow cast by a wizard of your class level (no save). If more than 3 criticals are scored against the same target then he is frozen solid until one of them expires. While frozen physical attacks deal the target double damage. Your touch is extremely cold to the touch and plants wither at it while even water seems to freeze near it. In demon form your natural attack seems to be surrounded by a constant haze of cold air.

Life Drain: Choose one natural attack. This attack now drains half the damage it deals. In essense you restore hp equal to half the damage you caused. This does not restore lost limbs. Your natural weapon seems to drain the light away and crackles with demonic energy.

Demon Allegiance: You may use the equivalent of a Summon Monster spell as a sorcerer of your level. The level of the spell is the highest said class would be able to cast at your class level. You may only summon evil outsiders this way (fiendish and half-fiendish creatures qualify). You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier per day and the caster level stacks with any sorcerer levels you may already possess. Flaming runes mark the taint of this power.

Demonic Empowerment: You gain some measure of power of the demon with whom you entered a pact. You either gain the eldritch blast feature of a warlock one half your caster level (stacks with other warlock levels) and can select one of the following invocations per caster level gained this way: Eldritch Line, Eldritch Cone, Eldritch Doom, Fell Strike, Eldritch spear, Hellrime Blast and Hellfire Blast. Alternatively, you gain the powers of a sorcerer half your level, but may only perform [Evil], Evocation and Necromancy spells (though you may use a scroll or other item that does not belong to that group).

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