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Campfire Chef[]

Levels 1-5 (after that, look into specialty training for another 5 levels)

Balance Level: Monk

This is mostly intended for a low-combat and character driven game. The Campfire Chef is not a great fighter nor an eriudite wizard, nor even a divinely favored cleric...and he'd probably be horrified at the thought of cheating and backstabbing his way through life.

No, what a Campfire Chef likes most is sitting around the campfire at the end of the day's troubles, gossiping and swapping stories with his companions - sometimes he only met those companions a few hours ago on the trail! And he knows that on the road, far away from family and friends, nothing is more likely to illicit an invitation from fellow travellers than the ability to produce tasty and refreshing meals and snacks.

The Campfire Chef has the skills to shine in any town or city, but he knows he'd be bored to tears there. What good is it to cook for others if you don't get to share the meal with them, witness their enjoyment firsthand, and come to call them friends?

During his travels, the Campfire Chef as come to know that his fellow travellers need more than a good meal at the right time. They also need snacks to sustain them during the sometimes arduous journeys. And, alas, its not only the terrain that can be troublesome. At times, travellers must sometimes defend themselves from dangerous and violent animals - or even bandits! For times like these, the Campfire Chef knows how to mix up some medicine and even provide first aid.

Know(Local) - has collected many stories and much gossip on his travells.

Survival, Know(Nature) - has spent much time on the road and in the wilderness, far from any markets. Knows how to make a tasty and supportive meal from the most basic and random foodstuffs. His keen eye for new and interesting foodstuffs has led to him learning quite a lot about the out-of-doors along the way.

Skills: Cook, Alchemy, Herbalism, Heal, Knowledge(Local), Survival, Know(Nature), all Knowledge skills, Search, Spot

High Fort, from lots of good food. BAB, Reflex, Will - no need? bad?

Can start a small cooking fire almost anywhere, even in the wettest weather. This is not useful for doing serious damage, but can be used to burn paper or thin light wood, or to inight a torch or lantern. - level 1

Knowledge skills - can attempt even if not trained. Has picked up lots of stuff on his travels. If trained, bonus of (1 + 1/2 class level). (1st level ability)

Instant level magic at Level 1

Alchemy at level 2? No need for any spell ability. (need to look into what alchemy actually offers)

Hourly level magic at level 2

Quarter-day level magic at level 3

All-Day level magic at level 4

2x Capacity for all levels of magic at level 5? - would be able to balance the spices and ingredients and preparation in such a way that a diner can eat twice as many buffs at a time, and therefore have 2x as many buffs active.

Is a master Chef, and uses Cook + Alchemy skill to prepare buffs for the party.

All Day buffs - eat dinner, rest for at least 4 hours, last from then till dinner the next night.
  magic affects them more strongly/longer
Quarter-Day buffs - last for about 6 hours after eating a meal.
  quick heal: while sleeping/resting, healing is sped up a bit
  quick step: can walk/march/run faster
  bouyancy: swim boost (bloated, gassy?)
  heavyness: to avoid being blown or pushed away. But feels a bit lethargic? -reflex?
  AC boost (deflection bonus?)
Hourly buffs - only last a little while, trail food
  alertness: makes perception checks a bit easier. +2? chance to avoid surprise? Initiative boost?
Instant - lasts a few minutes at most. Medicinal, too many of the same kind in a day has negative effects.
  strong skill boosts (+7?)
  attack boosts (amphetamines)
  rage extenders
  str boosts
  int boosts

look into Alchemy stuff - most for Instant items?

Under Deity of the Hunted[]

Under Deity of the Hunted

An Over deity, but called Under due to its nature.

The Hunted are almost all the creatures in existence. This deity is inadvertantly invoked whenever a creature runs from danger, tries to hide from any kind of danger, feels fear, seeks protection, curries favor, etc.

This unknown deity is one of the, if not THE, most powerful deities in creation.

Paradoxes of this deity: Over deity but unknown. Invoked, empowered, worshiped almost constantly by almost all creatures..but almost never on purpose. God of the Hunted, but its avatars and empowered creatures are always hunter creatures.

(also grants improved stealth etc for the hunted)