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Internet wanderer Luigifan here! I came here to learn more about Dungeons & Dragons. I've only got five sourcebooks, but I'll improve the wiki however I can. This page contains stuff I've come up with myself. (I also threw in some non-SRD material, but I've stopped that practice because there's really no point; the legality of it is questionable at best, and if you really want it, you can just download a .pdf from Google.)

The latest, most freshly-balanced versions of my projects can be found at the new D&D Wiki.

Pages I've added (in rough order)[]

To-do list[]

  • Chaos Weapons
    • Chaos Sword (Purple) (Time & Darkness)
    • Chaos Bow (Blue) (Water & Ice)
    • Justice Pendant (Red) (Fire & Explosions)
    • Chaos Gloves (Green) (Earth & Plants)
    • Law Hammer (Yellow) (Electricity & Thunder)
    • Chaos Ring (White) (Light & Spirit)
    • Justice Shuriken (Sky Blue) (Wind/Air & Vectors)
  • Mysto
  • Mephiles
  • Sapphire Showdown