My Homebrew[edit | edit source]

Prestige Classes: Mastermaker, Grand Mastermaker, Hesitating Mage, Master Enchanter, Magister Magi, Weavemaster, True Arcanist, Immortalist (Variant), Spellbender.
Spells: Simple Gate, Call Creature, Ray of Youth, Rejuvenation, Purple Suggestion, Purple Domination, Purple Thrall, Ring of Ages, Darkstalker Spectre, Self Simulacrum.
Epic Spells: Merge Entity.
Feats: Dominating.
Salient Divine Abilities: Divine Genesis, Greater Divine Creation, Supreme Divine Creation.
Bloodlines: Greater Succubus.
Cleric Domains: Manipulation.
Equipment: Metamagic Staff, Rod of Epic Swords, Ring of Epic Sustenance.
Scaling Feats: Epic Rapid Spellcasting.
Rules and Tweaks: Balancing and Tweaking 3.5e.

My (cheat) Character[edit | edit source]

Character Statistics
Name Rudeus
Type Tiefling (Greater Succubus Major Bloodline) [Racial LA +1; Bloodline LA +3]
Sub-Type Medium outsider (native)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Gender Male
Hit Die 935hp
Character Level 75
Caster Level 75
Divine Rank 16 (Divine Immortal Rank)
Divine Domains Domination, Manipulation, Tyranny, Trickery, Lust, Spell, Creation.
Class Levels Beguiler 3 / Hesitating Mage 5 / Loremaster 10 / Nightmare Spinner 2 /
Mindbender 1 / Magister Magi 10 / Immortalist 5 / Master Enchanter 10 /
Fatespinner 5 / Archmage 5 / Spellbender 5 / True Arcanist 10 /
D. Knowledge Healing, SaveLife.
Secrets Secrets of inner strength, The lore of true stamina, Secret knowledge of avoidance, Applicable knowledge, Secret health.
High Arcana Arcane Reach x2, Mastery of Shaping, Mastery of Elements, Spell Power.
Random Study Fortitude Training, Reflex Training, Will Training, Casting Trick, Bonus Feat.
Senses Darkvision 120 ft., Low-light Vision, True seeing, Mindsight, Listen +40, Spot +70
Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Elven, Draconic, Dwarven, Celestial, Primordial, telepathy 500 ft.
Immune Mind-Affecting Effects x3 (Divine, Master Enchanter, Mind Blank);
Immortalist: Diseases, Poison, Ability/Energy Damage/Drain, Fatigue/Exhaustion, Death Effects;
Other: Fear Effects;
Eternal Freedom: Entangle, Hold, Imprisonment, Paralysis, Petrification, Sleep, Slow, Stunning, Temporal Stasis, Web;
Divine Immunity: Electricity, Cold, Acid, Changing Form, Petrification, Ability/Energy Damage/Drain, Disease and Poison, Stunning, Sleep, Paralysis, and Death Effects, and Disintegration, Banishment, Binding, Dimensional Anchor, Dismissal, Imprisonment, Repulsion, Soul Bind, Temporal Stasis, Trap the Soul, and turning/rebuking.
Special Qualities Resistance to Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5; SR 64, Telekinesis (as spell).
Saves* Fort +79, Ref +79, Will +107 (*Always recieves a 20 on saves)
Speed 60 ft., fly 200 ft. (good)
Base Atk Bonus +50
Abilities Str 16, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 55, Wis 25, Cha 55
Skill Ranks
(Ranks Only)
Autohypnosis +15, Bluff +80, Concentration +120, Diplomacy +95, Gather Information +25, Hide +10, Intimidate +35, Knowledge (arcana) +155, Knowledge (architecture) +30, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +30, Knowledge (engineering) +40, Knowledge (geography) +20, Knowledge (nature) +60, Knowledge (planes) +115, Knowledge (psychology) +100, Knowledge (religion) +40, Listen +40, Move Silently +15, Search +15, Sense Motive +120, Spellcraft +150, Spot +70, Truespeak +35, Tumble +25, Use Magic Device +20, Perform (lute, sing) +55, Perform (piano, sing) +55, Profession (gambler) +5.
Craft Skill Ranks
(Ranks Only)
Craft (painting) +65, Craft (composing) +45, Craft (woodcarving) +30, Craft (sculpting) +30, Craft (armorsmith) +30, Craft (weaponsmith) +25, Craft (blacksmith) +25, Craft (metalworking) +25, Craft (stoneworking) +25, Craft (woodworking) +25.
Skill Tricks Swift Concentration, Collector of Stories.
Feats Spell Focus: Enchanting, Great Spell Focus: Enchanting, Epic Spell Focus: Enchanting, Tattoo Focus: Enchanting, Spell Focus: Conjuration, Great Spell Focus: Conjuration, Epic Spell Focus: Conjuration, Spell Focus: Illusions, Great Spell Focus: Illusions, Epic Spell Focus: Illusions, Spell Focus: Transmutation, Great Spell Focus: Transmutation, Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation, Skill Focus: Knowledge [arcana], Skill Focus: Spellcraft, Skill Focus: Concentration, Spellcasting Prodigy, Magical Aptitude, Nymph's Kiss, Spellwise, Arcane Mastery, Practiced Spellcaster, Augment Summoning, Rapid Metamagic, Epic Spellcasting, Craft Contingent Spell, Ignore Material Components, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Epic Spell Penetration, Improved Initiative, Unsettling Enchantment, Persuasive, Trustworthy, Commanding, Dominating, Charming, Alluring, Fey Heritage, Fey Power, Force of Personality, Mindsight, Able Learner, Complimentary Insight, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Construct, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will.
Metamagic Feats Still Spell, Silent Spell, Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Improved Heighten Spell, Maximize Spell, Persistent Spell, Quicken Spell, Rapid Spell.
Salient Divine Abilities Alter Reality, Arcane Mastery, Avatar, Create Object, Create Greater Object, Divine Creation, Greater Divine Creation†, Supreme Divine Creation, Divine Genesis, Spell-Like Ability Power †, Divine Spell Focus: Enchanting, Extra Domain(Temptation), Extra Domain(Lust), Extra Domain(Spell), Extra Domain(Creation), Master Crafter, Automatic Metamagic (Quicken Spell-Like Ability, Extend Spell-Like Ability, Twin Spell-Like Ability), Automatic Metamagic (Quicken Spell, Extend Spell, Twin Spell), Automatic (Rapid Spell, Still Spell, Silent Spell).
Spell-Like Abilities (CL75 DC60+SL)
At Will Extended Hold Monster, Mind Fog, Crushing Despair, Charm Monster, Greater Blink, Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport, Plane Shift.
3/day Greater Arcane Sight, Regenerate, Ethereal Jaunt, Eyebite.
1/day Darkstalker Spectre, Mindrape, Mass Hold Monster, Binding.
Mastered Spells Polymorph Any Object, Rimus' Gate.
Domain Spells
At Will
Domination: Command, Enthrall, Suggestion, Dominate Person, Greater Command, Geas/Quest, Mass Suggestion, True Domination, Monstrous Thrall;
Manipulation: Hypnotism, Detect Thoughts, Modify Memory, Purple Suggestion, Purple Command, Insidious Suggestion, Familial Geass, Purple Thrall, Programmed Amnesia;
Tyranny: Command, Enthrall, Discern Lies, Fear, Greater Command, Geas/Quest, Grasping Hand, Mass Charm Monster, Dominate Monster;
Temptation: Charm Person, Beckoning Call, Suggestion, Charm Monster, Dominate Person, Mass Suggestion, Soul Link, Sympathy, Dominate Monster;
Lust: Charm Person, Invisibility, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Lesser Planar Ally, Scrying, Symbol of Persuasion, Refuge, Sympathy, Trap the Soul;
Spell: Mage Armor, Silence, Anyspell, Mnemonic Enhancer, Break Enchantment, Greater Anyspell, Limited Wish, Antimagic Field, Mage's Disjunction;
Creation: Create Water, Minor Image, Create Food and Water, Minor Creation, Major Creation, Heroes' Feast, Permanent Image, True Creation, Genesis;

Special Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Divine Immortal: Rudeus had a chance to become a true deity of rank 20, but chose to use his divine essence differently, undergoing "Divine Immortality" ritual. He gains most of the aspects of a rank 16 deity, except:
    • He does not get 20 Outsider levels.
    • He does not need any worshippers to exist or maintain his power; It belongs only to him, and as such, he is not under overdeity's rule.
    • He cannot grant spells to Clerics, give access to any Domains, or communicate with his worshipers.
    • He does not sense events related to his portfolio, nor is his mind affected by his domains in any way.
    Using excess godly energy he temporarily connected to a great sea of knowledge and cosmic power, allowing him to greatly improve his abilities and fuel himself with raw energy instead of the energy of belief. This gave him the opportunity to gain more knowledge, spells, feats, skills, spell-like abilities, magic insights, and even some unique powers.
  • Delicious Kiss (Su): Rudeus may use this ability when kissing, or during any other act of passion with the victim. If the target is not willing to be kissed, he must start a grapple, which provokes an attack of opportunity. The victim is dazed for 1 round, Rudeus is treated as though he has just consumed a good meal. The victim feels as though the experience was highly pleasurable, but is not under any supernatural compulsion to allow another kiss.
  • Suggestive Kiss (Su): Rudeus's kisses may contain the effect of a suggestion spell. Will save DC 45 to negate the effects of suggestion.
  • Draining Kiss (Su): Rudeus may apply the effects of a succubus Energy Drain with his kisses or another acts of passion. The victim must save or gain one negative level. The victim must succeed at a Wisdom check DC 35 to even notice. The Fortitude save DC 50 to remove the negative levels.
  • Paralyzing Kiss (Su): Rudeus may choose to paralyze his victim with a kiss for 1 hour. It is a DC 45 Fortitude save to negate this effect. Rudeus may only use this ability 7 times per day.
  • Lust (Su): Rudeus's touch can incite overwhelming lust in any corporeal living creature. The victim must make a DC 50 Will save or suffer a -20 penalty on grapple checks against him.
  • Touch of Dark Extasy (Su): Rudeus's touch is one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences one can feel. His touch causes so much pleasure that it requires a DC 50 Will save from the touched creature, or it becomes dazed with pleasure for 6 rounds. Those who fail this save can also be afflicted with a suggestion that forces them to seek out the touch again, no matter the cost. Rudeus may use his touch instead of a normal attack for the purpose of attacks of opportunity.
  • Loving Caress (Su): Rudeus's caress will charm any creature. After 1 hour of uninterrupted caress, creature will be enamored with him permanently. A will save DC 50 negates this ability.
  • Alternate Form (Su): Rudeus can assume any humanoid form of Small, Medium or Large size as a standard action. This ability is similar to the polymorph self spell but allows only humanoid forms. While using this ability, Rudeus gains a +12 circumstance bonus to Disguise checks.
  • Utter Thrall (Su): Once per day Rudeus can attempt to completely enslave any Medium or smaller humanoid within 30 feet. This power acts as a more powerful version of dominate person. The target gets a DC 45 Will save to resist. If the save fails, Rudeus establishes a telepathic link with the subject's mind and can convey his orders. Once he establishes control, he can exercise it at unlimited range. He does not need to see the subject to control it. Rudeus knows what the subject is experiencing, but does not receive direct sensory input from it.
    Subjects cannot resist this control and always act in the best interests of Rudeus, even if not commanded to do so. The subjects truly believe he is their rightful master and serve him lovingly with utter devotion. They carry out even self-destructive orders—in fact, thralls will give their lives willingly for the good of Rudeus. The utter thrall effect is permanent unless dispelled. Rudeus can have no more than 55(Cha Score) such enslaved.
    Human-like Outsiders and Fey, such as Angels, Succubi, Lilitu, Erinyes, Brachina, Nymph, Dryad etc., can also be affected by this ability, but save DC would be 35 instead of normal 45.
  • Stunning Glance (Su): As a standard action, you can stun a creature within 60 feet with a look. The target creature must succeed on a DC 45 Will save or be stunned for 2d4 rounds.
  • Reflect Enchantment (Ex): As a pinnacle of the Greater Succubus bloodline awakening, whenever an enchantment spell that targets Rudeus fails to penetrate his spell resistance, that spell is reflected back upon the caster as if Rudeus had cast the spell himself (although it still uses the caster’s ability score modifier to set the save DC).
  • Bestow Greater Curse (Su): Rudeus can use this spel as supernatural ability any number of times per day. It is much more potent than actual spell and have greater versatility.
  • Inspire Fear (Su): As a standard action, Rudeus can create a mind-affecting fear effect that makes a living creature within 30 feet ill at ease. The target becomes shaken for one round; a successful Will save (DC 31) halves this duration.
  • Magister Magi: As a Magister Magi, Rudeus no longer have any forbidden schools of magic, and can learn any arcane spells in existance, even restricted to particular classes and/or alignment. He achieved great freedom and mastery with arcane spells, which grants permanent +2 bonus to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against his arcane spells.
  • Master Enchanter: Rudeus achieved a great understanding, mastery and control of his Enchanting spells, and gains +5 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against Enchanting spells from him. He is got Immunity to Mind-Affecting effects, and +5 bonus to his Will Saves if this immunity was bypassed. Finally, his Mind-Affecting spells are now so potent that he can even affect individuals normally immune to Mind-Affecting effects, such as undead, given it have a mind to affect, although the subject gains +5 bonus on their Will Saves to resist such effects. Only a target whose HD exceed his effective Caster Level by 5 or more is immune to his mastery of Enchantments.
  • Spin Fate (Ex): Rudeus has five points of spin. He may use these points to boost the save DC of a spell he casts, a skill check, attack roll, or saving throw. If applying points to a roll, he must do so before making the roll. Once he uses his spin points, they are gone for the day but replenish the next day.
  • Fickle Finger of Fate (Ex): Once per day as an immediate action, Rudeus can force any other creature to reroll a roll that it has just made. He must have line of sight to the target.
  • Spin Destiny (Ex): Rudeus comprehends the matrix of reality and can use accumulated spin to adjust other random events. The method is identical to increasing a spell's save DC, but he can now add spin to any skill check, attack roll, or saving throw that he attempts on a point-for-point basis. However, the spin utilized comes from the same limited reservoir of karma storage that allows him to adjust the DC of his spells. He must apply the bonus before making the roll.
  • Deny Fate (Ex): Once per day, on the first occasion when he must make a check to become stable when dying, Rudeus's stabilization check automatically succeeds.
  • Resist Fate (Ex): Once per day, Red Shroud can reroll one roll that she has just made.
  • Seal Fate (Su): Rudeus can meddle in success and failure, and even life and death, sealing the fate of a friend or foe. Once per day as a free action, he selects a target creature he can see within 30 feet with Hit Dice equal to or less than his. The creature receives either a —10 penalty or a +10 bonus on its next saving throw, as decided by Rudeus. If the selected target has more Hit Dice than him, the ability doesn't work but the use for the day is not wasted. This effect lasts only for 1 round, so if no spell or other effect is brought to bear on the target creature during the round, the creature's fate is no longer sealed.
  • Arcane Reach (Su): As an Archmage, Rudeus can use spells with a range of touch on a target up to 60 feet away. He must make a ranged touch attack.
  • Mastery of Elements: Rudeus can alter an arcane spell when cast so that it utilizes a different element from the one it normally uses. This ability can only alter a spell with the acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic descriptor. The spell’s casting time is unaffected. He decide whether to alter the spell’s energy type and choose the new energy type when he begins casting.
  • Mastery of Shaping: Rudeus can alter area and effect spells that use one of the following shapes: burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, or spread. The alteration consists of creating spaces within the spell’s area or effect that are not subject to the spell. The minimum dimension for these spaces is a 5-foot cube. Furthermore, any shapeable spells have a minimum dimension of 5 feet instead of 10 feet.
  • Cloak of Magic (Su): Rudeus can use a cloak of raw magic to gain 10 SR and 30% miss chance for a number of rounds equal to his Caster Level.
  • True Arcanist: Rudeus completely rid himself from the constrains of the Weave, and can cast his spells spontaneously any number of times he wishes, providing he successfuly overcame Spellcraft and Concentration DCs. He can cast spells in the Dead-magic zones, Wild-magic zones and anti-magic fields as long as he have Arcanum stored.
  • Arcane Fire (Su): Rudeus is master of the Raw magic energy, he can compress raw magic and manifest it in the form of silvery fire in his hand, and then shape this energy into five distinct shapes:
    • Bullet: Blazing apricot-sized bullet as a standard action, and fire it at a foe within Long range as a ranged touch attack. The bullet deals 10d6 points of untyped damage and packs a good punch and a decent penetration force;
    • Ball: Arcane Fire ball, it is an explosion of arcane flame that detonates with a low roar and deals 10d6 points of untyped damage to everything within the area. He point his finger and determine the range (distance and height) at which the Arcane Fire ball is to burst. You throw a glowing, apple-sized ball, and unless it impacts upon a material body or solid barrier prior to attaining the prescribed range, blossoms into the explosion at that point. (An early impact results in an early detonation). Unattended objects also take this damage. The explosion creates pressure sumilar to TNT explosion of the same magnitude. Range: Long; Area: 30 ft. spread.
    • Bolt: You form an Arcane Fire ray, which due to unstable nature of compressed arcana looks like silvery, fiery lightning, and discharge it from your fingertip, it deals 1d6 points of damage per level of True Arcanist to every creature in its way. If the damage caused to an interposing barrier shatters or breaks through it, the bolt may continue beyond the barrier if the spell's range permits; otherwise, it stops at the barrier just as any other effect does. Range: 240 ft. line.
    • Cone: You form an Arcane Fire cone, originating at your hand and extending outward. It deals 1d6 points of damage per level of True Arcanist to all creatures within its range. Range: 60 ft., Duration: 1 round/2 levels.
  • Adamantine Wings (Su): When Rudeus's body was reformed into Outsider form as an Immortalist, he had Adamantine Wings spell activated, and not only they became a part of him, but they also evolved. They function as normal Adamantine Wings spell, but wings became twice as hard, much sharper, and can be used as a shield. They grant a flight at a very fast speed and good maneuverability. He can summon and dismiss them as a standard action, once summoned they cannot be dispelled by external force and not affected by dead-magic zones or antimagic fields, so he can fly unaffected, they can prevent him from summoning them though. They feel as soft and warm as angel's wings normally, but can be hardened at will. Burst attack is no longer available.
  • Absolute Teleport (Ex): Once per week Rudeus can use this ability, it works as Greater Teleport spell, except it cannot be prevented or interrupted in any way.
  • Truly Nameless (Ex): When Rudeus performed the Divine Immortality ritual, he had Hidden Truename spell activated, and it not only became permanent, it evolved and made his true name invisible and unacessable for anyone. No one can do anything with his true name, except himself.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rudeus Main.png

Rudeus is tall (1 meter 87 centimeters) male Tiefling. Being a son of the Greater Succubus and a Half-Elf Sorcerer, he looks like a Half-elf with extremely beautiful features. Face while not femenine, yet not exactly musculine either, but no one will ever mistake him for a woman. Only his long, dark crimson hair and red pupils of his eyes betrays his demonic descent. He always have a calm, yet confident smile, and eyes full of cunning intellect. His whole visage is radiating confident elegance and bewitching beauty.

He is calm and eloquent, rarely showing his emotions or thoughts in his actions, preferring hiding them behind his usual smile. It is very hard to enrage him, but even in the rage he will not lose his composure, but his usual smile will vanish from his face.

He prefers to stay in his castle surrounded by beautiful women, doing magic research, playing and creating music, singing, painting, carving wooden sculptures and enjoying fine arts. He is very talented artist in his own right.

While he spent last hundred or so years hidden, and mostly not interferring with outside world, that only calm before the storm, and he can start huge compaighn or small adventure on a whim, mostly to relieve boredom.

His plans, strategies and schemes run deep, and he have cruel disregard towards morality, social norms, honor, personal feelings or wishes of others, he will use his expertiese in magic with full power to propell his agenda, and use every little dirty trick he could think of, while maintaining proper front, staying as much behind the scenes as possible.

In the magic combat he prefers to control his enemies with Enchantment spells, sending illusions, misleading and tricking adversaries into fighting each other, but he is never above using lethal force if push comes to shove.

He is cruel, ruthless, egoistical, self-centered, selfish, lustful, sadistic and manipulating, enjoying full control of those around him. Careful and doesn't trust others at all. He doesn't believe in love, friendship, honor, justice or things of that sort, but will use such concepts to control others. He usually acts kindly and warm as a main front.

Despite ruthlessness, lack of morality and disregard for others, he dislikes to kill, preferring enthralling and make use of his enemies and those he does not like. Those who offend him usually stay as his permanent thralls without any awareness of the past.

History[edit | edit source]

Rudeus was born from assault of Greater Succubus on young, but very talented Half-elf sorcerer. Said Half-elf didn't survive the encounter, and as Succubi in general not really good mothers, he was just thrown out on the road right after he was born.

Early Years[edit | edit source]

With some luck, just a few minutes after he was thrown out, a group of mercenaries went on this road, and when they found an unexpected baby on the road, they decided to take him in. A group of merceneries, a group of misfits. Half-ork Fighter, a Good-Alligned Drow Rogue, Halfling Sorcerer, Human Warlock, Quirky Human Wizard, Elf Cleric, Human Bard with past issues and some other people.

Beguiler[edit | edit source]

Those people taught him many tricks such as pickpocketing, trickery, seducing, playing music, fighting, and most certainly, magic! From all those teachings, he forged his own path - a path of the Beguiler! At the early age of 15 he already was a capable member of the group. His talent at magic and keen intellect made him one of the strategists of the group. When there was no mercenary job, they just robbed, tricked and done whatever the hell they wanted. As expected, it was not a very good influence on a kid, and a Tiefling no less.

Hesitating Mage[edit | edit source]

When he was 20, he decided to go on adventuring on his own, to search for his own place in this world, as well as understand what he really wanted. For some time he roamed cities and learned from different people a lot of different things, different ways to magic, life and people. Pickpocketing, playing music for fun, seducing women, manipulating some of them into betrayals, thievery... or worse. Sometimes he joined some groups of adventurers to test himself and gain some coin for a living. He tried his hand at different jobs and classes, but was bored with them just as fast.

Loremaster[edit | edit source]

His wanderings ended, when at the age of 32 he met an old Loremaster, who truly opened the door of the world of knowledge to Rudeus. He spent next 7 years locked in the libraries, browsing all kinds of different knowledge, such as psychology, architecture, arts, magic lore and more. At that time he truly understood his passion towards magic. He started his lifelong pursuit of arcane arts.

Brief Travels[edit | edit source]

Once after long study session he went in the nearby tavern to rest his mind and contemplate learned material, he saw an unbelieavable scene where someone was attacked by 3 guards, but expected apprehension didn't transpire, instead he saw as one of guards screamed in terror as if he saw the scariest thing in his life and second guard proceeded to attack their third comrade. After that he thought that he must learn that techniques no matter what. After some struggles that man reluctantly agreed to teach Rudeus some of his craft. They traveled the world together, where Rudeus learned basics of Nightmare Spinner and Mindbender crafts. This journey lasted for 2 years, until one morning Rudeus found his teacher missing without a trace. Feeling a little annoyed at such departure he decided to go his own way.

Magister Magi[edit | edit source]

Inspired by his studies and travels, Rudeus wanted to learn anything and everything magic. He traveled the world and plains to learn from different kinds of people... and not people, through bribes, exchanges, threats or manipulations he obtained bits and bits of knowledge and skill. He spent next 34 years in pursuit of great arcana. Time passed, and his power and knowledge grew tremendously, but he was more than 72 years old already, and started to feel the age get to him.

Immortalist[edit | edit source]

While he could, with his knowledge and accumulated wealth, become lich at any moment, but the thought of becoming undead was disgusting, so he began searching for different ways to immortality. Once upon a time, he read of the legendary Immortalists, powerful magic casters who used their own power to turn death forever. Even thought he knew of them, and some bits of their methods, those people were not only rare, but also elusive, and for the most part unknown to the world. He started his research and performing tests on (not really) willing subjects. When he found his first clue he was almost 100 years old already, and nearing the end of his lifespan. But that clue helped him prolong his life greatly, and even become younger. Inspired with this success, he renewed his research with even more vigor and concentration. For the next 300 years of research, he finally achieved his goal, and turned the grim reaper forever, being eternally young and beautiful, while also achieving great progress in his pursuit of magic, and became a complete, true Magister Magi.

Master Enchanter[edit | edit source]

Now that the threat of death no longer loomed above his head, Rudeus decided to live for his own pleasure. He traveled the worlds, seducing women, adventuring, raiding some noble mansions, while still researching magic, perfecting his music and pursuing knowledge. At some time he thought that magic can do much more to help him in his life, that enchanting can do so much more. While traveling, he tested all kinds of ways and tricks he could think of to help his enchanting and control efforts. After an unknown amount of time he, under a different disguises, tested and performed all kinds of deeds and misdeeds, finally achieved his goal at perfecting Enchanting spells, and even created a few spells of his own, such as Purple Command and Purple Suggestion being the greatest examples.

Fatespinner[edit | edit source]

For a few hundrets of years he traveled while learning and living a full life, Rudeus noticed that all events have a certain probability, and he knew on his owh experience, that everything that could be defined, could be controlled. Leaving his life for a chance was against his fundamental principles, so as per usual, he gradually made tests to control just that - probability. Years passed, knowledge grew, as well as his grasp over chances. For an Immortal, time is the resource they have in excess, so eventually, his fate was in his own hands, how could he let such unreliable thing as chance to rule his life?

Archmage[edit | edit source]

Hundrets of years of aimless travels and adventures can tire anyone, and time has come to find his own place in the world. Eventually, he found a good place in the one of the outer realms, a scenic place with mountains and forests. With his powerful magic he created a huge star-shaped mountain on the more or less open space. He found and enthralled a few great architects and engineers, who helped him in construction of great castle, where he will spend next few hundred years. At the time he intensively researched Conjuration school of magic, especially Call, Summon and Creation spells, and new ways to cast his spells. In this period he created spells such as Call Creature and Self Simulacrum, which he used to abduct random women for his own enjoyment, and random people and creatures to serve him. He picked up a few new hobbies, such as Painting and Woodcarwing.

Weavemaster[edit | edit source]

By this time, Rudeus had almost a millenia of Magic Research, and gradually the limitations of magic, or rather, The Weave, became apparent, and no further progress within set system could be made. But now, an ancient mage, he no longer believed that tere was impassable walls, only hard obstacles. So, if no further progress could be made in the current system - change the system! With a lot of tests, failed tries and immesurable, almost fanatical effort, he found a way to temper with the weave, analyzed its workings, layer after layer, as well as its general mechanics. That was unprecedented breakthrough, but no matter how much you tweak and learn the system, you still in the system, and while it make use of magic much simpler, it also limit it in a great way. It was time to drop the limits, and bypass the weave altogether.

True Arcanist[edit | edit source]

Raw magic, wild magic, true magic. It is wild, unpredictable and chaotic, hard to access, and even harder to control. Because of that the subsystem, the Weave was made by the gods, so they, and mortals could access and make use of this energy. Now, for Rudeus, this wery tool became the limitator, a cage, and to break free from this cage, he will need to learn to use the magic he was so familiar anew, without the constrains of the weave, acessing it raw, and find a way to use this chaotic energy in predictable ways. Time was needed, and thats exatly what he had in excess. When he was almost done with his research, he became so bored, that it became almost unbearable to sit still in his castle, so he went in the adventure, looking for ancient lore and new inspirations in his path of magic.

Divine Immortality[edit | edit source]

In his travels, he heard that around two hundred years ago, the great Netheril empire fell, so he decided to check it out for himself, and if possible, find some artifacts, books or at least some ideas and inspirations. After some search, his gains was plentiful. Not only some revolutionary ideas and researches helped to complete some of his own ideas, he found an absolutely unprecedented find. A way to steal power from gods, and not only that, but in a way that gives far more possibilities and freedom with minimal disadvantages. He went back to his castle, and spent next hundred or so years researching and improving this spell, and building a revised device from the netheril ruins. After some minor tests, he activated the device with the spell on himself. What Netherese wished for, Rudeus obtained. While not a god, he have their powers, not a mortal, but just as free. Now, his eyes are directed towards other piece of inspiration he gained in his travels. Obtaining powers of other being. And he wants to take all what LeShay have for himself with Merge Entity ritual. He will absorb it, and achieve even more in the future.

Eqipment[edit | edit source]

Robe of the Magister Magi[edit | edit source]

This normal-appearing black garment is worn over normal clothing or armor. Its wearer, if an arcane spellcaster, gains the following powers.

  • +5 resistance bonus on all saving throws.
  • +20 to Spell Resistace

Staff of the Magister Magi[edit | edit source]

This lightweight staff, made from the dark wood, with the top shaped like screaming dragon's head grants following benefits it's user:

  • +5 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against arcane spells you cast.
  • +5 to the Caster Level checks made to overcome a creature's spell resistance.
  • Spells cast with the help of this staff can be Intensified, without affecting casting time, cost or level of spell slot. (Can be any metamagic feat instead of Intensify Spell when staff is created.)
    • This benefits also apply to Spell-Like Abilities of the user.
    • Cost 1 charge for 1 intensified spell.
  • +20 to Spell Resistance while held in hand.
    • If this is willingly lowered, however, the staff can also be used to absorb arcane spell energy directed at its wielder, as a rod of absorption does. Unlike the rod, this staff converts spell levels into charges rather than retaining them as spell energy usable by a spellcaster. The stuff cannot absorb more than it's capacity of 50 charges. After it's full, it no longer absorbs, and function normally.
  • Staff is unbreakable, it cannot be harmed by external forces, but user can choose to destoy it for one spell cast with +20 bonus to Caster Level and save DC.

Ring of the Magister Magi[edit | edit source]

  • Ignore XP Components (Up to 5000 XP, the rest of the cost must still be paid.)
  • Intellect +2
  • Wisdom +2
  • Spellcraft +25

Ring of Universal Energy Immunity[edit | edit source]

Boots of Swiftness[edit | edit source]

Amulet of Epic Health +12[edit | edit source]

Headband of Epic Intellect +12[edit | edit source]

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