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Orginizations of Nor Galad[]

In Nor Galad, there are many different groups and orginzations scattered around the world. Some of the organizations for NR are also threats, and more can be read on them at DM Threats.

Anulo-Ra'a, Sky Drow: The Ra'a clan of drow are a group of drow that were led by Queen Arana, a drow who had touched with the winged one, and lead her whole clan out of the midsts of the Elders, and into the skies, where they developed wings, larger lungs and resistance to higher elevations. The Anulo-Ra'a are still lead by Queen Arana, although she is now almost 1000 years old. Meeting a sky drow is a rare occurrence, and most citizens know not of their existence. The Sky drow are generally Chaotic Good in their alignment. Although thier society is ordered, most sky drow ignore the rules of other countries. This is not a cause of the Ra'a clan of being vain, but the curiosity of most of the drow who go to the lower cities: Most of these are teenager Sky drow, who usually respond to the phrase "But it's against the law" with: "don't worry, it'll be fun"-and we can fly away!.." Anulo-Ra'a continually fight against the Githanki, dragons, and other flying creatures.

Orc Kingdom of Haburama: The orc kingdom of Haburama (hah-boo-Rah-mah) is a orc kingdom that resides east of the Plains of desolation, in the middle of the Hills of Midden. The Orc kingdom is not only a kingdom of the Haburama orcs, named after thier king Haburama, but a place for misfits, outcasts and thieves. The Haburama constantly fight with the desert orcs,wasteland drow, and other creatures of the Plains of Desolation. They are also common targets for politcal fury, but so far have done well. Despite the fact of being orcs, the Haburama orcs are one of the most intelligent creatures in Nor Galad: Most people who meet them when hiding they are bodies don't even know they are orcs! Despite the fact of not being accepetted to be one of the Empires, the Orcs of Haburama, and their "loyal sidekicks" the Blue goblins still manage to remain strong. They are enemies of the Horde Orcs, the Desert Orcs, the Swamp orcs, and Dark orcs. Note: Horde orcs are normal orcs: Desert swamp and dark are almost identical, and are commonly refereed to just as "orcs". These are mostly names made by the orcs themselves, although they do match up to their abilities appearance and personality.

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