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The Loaded Scabbard[edit | edit source]

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Created By
Karuma (talk)
Date Created: 9/13/2010
Status: Sandbox
Editing: Please feel free to edit constructively!

The path of the Loaded Scabbard was developed long ago by Hobgoblin Samurai as a structured and orderly fighting style. It relies on the 'blade' being in certain positions at the beginning of each maneuver and ending in yet another, though the 'blade' is not always a blade.

The associated weapons of this discipline are Katana, Bastard Swords, Unarmed Strikes, Nodachi.

The Discipline's Associated Skill is Iaijutsu Focus.OA

This Discipline is available to Warblades, Crusaders, Swordsages.

Maneuvers of the Loaded Scabbard Discipline[edit | edit source]

The Crunch, Summarized
Key Skill: Iaijutsu FocusOA

Associated Weapons: Unarmed Strike, Bastard Sword, Katana, Nodachi.

Loaded Scabbard Maneuvers use a unique 'Positioning' system that leaves your weapon in one of four Positions. Most Strikes can only be used from one Position, most Counters are usable from all but one Position, and Boosts usually allow you to flip your Position. Stances have one of four effects based on your Position.

1st-Level Maneuvers

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2nd-Level Maneuvers

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3rd-Level Maneuvers

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4th-Level Maneuvers

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5th-Level Maneuvers

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6th-Level Maneuvers

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7th-Level Maneuvers

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8th-Level Maneuvers

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9th-Level Maneuvers

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