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"I created the world, but I don't control it. I just tell you what happens." -GoldDragon
  • Name: Mike
  • Age: 21
  • Location: USA
  • I like realism in D&D. Go ahead and hate me for that. I like to edit rules to make stuff more realistic, with the ultimate goal of drawing my players more fully into the experience. I love DMing for good roleplayers, and I encourage my players to take some initiative and make shit go. I'll run with it every time. I started in 2nd edition, and moved up to 3.5 a few years ago. I will run fourth edition, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth due to the 'video game' flavor and lack of any pretence of realism. I dislike super power campaigns, where the PCs at first level can destroy most regular citizens due to massive stats, and prefer random rolling for abilities. I don't care much about balance, I care about the experience. I can tip the balance if I need to. I don't need game mechanics to handle that for me. I'm rambling now... I like dragons. not all dragons are bad
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Vaerya (3.5e Campaign Setting) (in progress)