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Magic and Decadence[edit | edit source]

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

[[Summary::Magic and Decadence is a dark setting taking place in the land of Remony, a forsaken piece of land, surrounded by endless dangers. There the people are left to the mercy of their decadent leaders's whim and the many dangers of the world.]] In Remonian, innocents lives are cut short on a daily basis, the powerful magic-users noblesse is enthralled by the game of the court and dark secrets are hidden in the chambers of their extravagant residences.

The land of Remony is governed by immortals, powerful beings granted with unlimited lifespan and power beyond compare. These once righteous leader were corrupted by their position and overly long life. Trying to suppress new immortals birth using ruthless and cruel methods.

Magic and Decadence feature 3 lands: Remony, the Wildland of Tristan and the Endless Wasteland.

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