Hello there!

Looking at D&D at Wikia I came from Wikipedia to D&D Wiki. Now I am working towards the integration of the imported material from D&D Wiki. For more details, don't hesitate to have a look at DnDWiki:Introduction.

In the past I have also been active at Forgotten Realms Wiki.

To do[edit | edit source]

...given enough time. Help appreciated, of course.

  • Adapt main page
  • Care about guidelines for Canon
  • Care about navigation pages (especially navigation page of navigation pages)
  • Merge miniature stubs into list - done
  • Adapt DnDWiki!
  • Missing redirects for miniatures
  • Work on more complete miniature lists
  • Overhaul Dave Arneson according to current Wikipedia article
  • Sources for Canon:Aerdrie Faenya
  • Birthright publication articles


  • Establish relationships with other wikis.
  • Put link back in at Wikipedia!
  • Care about sources for Birthright articles.
  • Expand campaign setting stubs with the help of Wikipedia.
  • Recreate userboxes?
  • Work on categories (especially Uncategorized pages). - Done as far as I can of now.
  • Have a look at Special Materials formatting
  • Care about links in SRD:..., possibly after merge discussion is decided.
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