Dungeons and Dragons Wiki

About Me[]

So I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself, how long I've been playing D&D, that sort of thing. So here goes.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons a few years ago, though I often have buyers remorse when it comes to class selection; that is, I'll choose a class, look at a different class when I'm like 2nd level in the first, and then what to go on a merry rebirth quest to change myself into that thing. DnD wikis are certainly not helping this lol

In addition to DnD, I practice Japanese swordsmanship in my spare time, and am a little bit of a Japan junky. As such, I love and fear homebrew stuff based on fuedal Japan.

Oh yeah, and I also bboy. I'm a pretty weird kid :P

Pet Peeves[]

  • All the sucky core classes
  • The Complete Warrior Samurai
  • 4e. Not because I have any problem with it, but because it came out just as I started to have a fairly sizeable 3.5e library. No way am I spending more money on 4e.
  • People who leave the <- -> in their classes. Idiots.
  • IPs that come in and edit the class beyond recognition.

Current Projects[]

  • Create a sourcebook, based on the Tome Material, for making an Oriental Campaign(and really, since Tome stuff already has most a lot of Oriental-based classes already, shouldn't be too big of a problem)
  • Get permission from Surgo and people on the Game Den to upload the vast amount of Tome Material that is not on this Wiki. Really, this should come before the sourcebook.
  • Make two new classes: Boneblade, Splitter. Both may turn out to be OP jackasses, but its worth a shot.