I am Artemis, a long-time Dungeons And Dragons fanatic who has never forgotten the old ways. I have several monster manuals and dungeon guides keeping me up on the old lore, and I ever keep it embedded in my mind. I'm willing to help however possible with my creativity, intelligence, and knowledge of the revered ways of Dungeons And Dragons. May the old ways ever be kept!

Things To Make[edit | edit source]

Syclya Diadrin

Syclya is a Sorcerer female Human. Level 25

Syclya is a sweet, yet cautious type, and always carries a large gray tabby with her.

Deltakriel Liovere (incomplete)

Deltakriel Liovere is a Druid/Shifter male gnome. Level 40

Seritak Misara

Seritak Misara is a Druid/Shifter male elf. level 15

Ralterag Rumnagar

Ralterag Rumnagar is a Dwarven Defender male dwarf. level 40


Marphyra is a Kensai female Elf. Level 18


Tyrlin is a Wizard Slayer male Elf. Level 18


Kyrlyn is a Wild Mage male Human. Level 17


Celerut is a Swashbuckler Male Half-Elf. Level 21.


Wolferiss is a Preist Of Talos Female Half-Elf. Level 16

Skeryn (species)

Skeryn are nasty flesh-ripping, bone-snapping metallic little fiends that resemble, just barely, vyer small birds.

Spiridran Shallow/normal/Deep Acolyte

Spiridran Acolytes are the lowest level of the Spiridrans.

Spiridran Shallow/normal/Deep Spir-Prey-Rha

The Spir-Prey-Rhas are a highly valued force of the Spiridrans

Spirigigan Shallow/normal/Deep Acolyte

Spirigigans are the giant guardians of the SPiridrans

Spiridrakan Shallow/normal/Deep Acolyte

The Spiridrakans are skilled warriors that take down their opponents with deadly power. They are of the Spiridrans.

MORE LATER! My mind is an ever-enlarging expanse. So more shall come!

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