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I'm a former admin of D&D Wiki and I was a dedicated user to that site (January 2007 - August 2009). I hope to bring the same energy to this wiki.

Real Name Andrew Arnott (you can see how imaginative my user name is!)

Age 24

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User contributions (if you are interested in browsing logs :P)

Base Classes Edit

  • Grimoire Necromancer - Rogue level. A minion-based character that uses its undead minions as fodder to absorb attacks.

Feats Edit

  • Armor Resonance - Rogue level. Replacement for Magic Vestment with limited duration/usages but higher max enhancement bonus.
  • Bloodletting Blade - Rogue level. Trade HP to deal extra damage.
  • Dodge Variant - Rogue level. Makes the dodge bonus to AC more permanent but limited by armor.
  • Dragonblessed Commander - Fighter level. Allows the auras from marshal class levels to stack with araus from dragon shaman levels.
  • Explosive Eldrich Blast - Rogue level. Allows your eldrich blasts to have exploding damage dice.
  • Get Over Here! - Rogue level. Allows you to pull opponents towards you with your spiked chain.
  • Giant Avian Companion - Rogue level. Gives you a giant eagle or owl as a companion that can gain class levels instead of bonus HD (with some limitations).
  • Hulking Rage - Rogue level. Makes you grow larger when you rage.
  • Hulk Smash! - Rogue level. Allows you to pound the ground during a rage to knock over creatures.
  • Ki Feint - Rogue level. You can use ki and a feint to remove a creature's dex bonus, even if they have uncanny dodge.
  • Pegasus Mount - Fighter level. You can use a pegasus as your special mount.
  • Perceptive - Rogue level. Combines Spot and Listen into a single skill with some extra goodies at higher levels.
  • Practiced Combatant - Rogue level. My version of practiced spellcaster for combat classes that requires investment in full BAB classes.
  • Shield Push - Fighter level. Allows you to bull rush opponents whenever you hit them with a shield bash.
  • Shield Resonance - Rogue level. Replacement for Magic Vestment with limited duration/usages but higher max enhancement bonus.
  • Stealthy - Rogue level. Combines hide and move silently into a single skill with extra goodies at higher levels.
  • Sudden Antimagic - Wizard level. Grants the ability to generate anti-magic fields to counter spells or beat up a buffed spellcaster.
  • Weapon Resonance - Rogue level. Replacement for Greater Magic Weapon with limited duration/usages but higher max enhancement bonus.

Monsters Edit

  • Arctic Stallion - CR 4. A warhorse with a few spell-like abilities and a cold theme.
  • Fire Rune - CR 1. A defender monster that draws attacks. It might actually work on its own, but it benefits greatly from other monsters being present.
  • Gzkmzk - A solo monster to use against a 1st level party. It is sort of like a reverse Drider (spider body and head, orc arms).
  • Plated Spirit, Fire - CR 1. A basic construct that has a fairly hard hitting attack, but not so much accuracy. It has a small bit of fire resistance, which pairs up well with Fire Runes.
  • Simulacrum Stalker - CR 15 (varies though). This thing copies a creature nearly exactly including memories. Simply modifying its DCs can make it a tough challenge at any level. It is mostly designed for roleplaying.
  • Snowflake - CR 1. A defender monster that should be grouped with other monsters for a challenge.
  • Snowflake, Greater - CR 5. A stronger version of the snowflake.

Prestige Classes Edit

  • Sublime Barbarian - Rogue level. A prestige barbarian that uses warblade as a base.
  • Ninja of the Ebon Shadow - Rogue level. A prestige class that makes an excellent infiltrator.
  • Sublime Paladin - Rogue level. A prestige paladin that uses martial adept stuff instead of spells.
  • Whipsinger - Rogue level. Uses the bard's knack with whips as a base for a bard PrC.

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  • Tethys - A cleric that had her husband raised into a zombie and then she rebuked him. She adventures to try to make enough gold to afford a resurrection spell on him. I started playing her in early 2009 and the campaign restarted in January 2010 after a long break.
  • Grimsy Grubbletin the Great - Grimsy is an NPC character in a game I'm DMing, but he basically a PC for me. He's a bard who is pretty bad at music, but he is destined to be great.


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