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Underdark Map Level 18+
This apparently blank parchment details the secrets of the underdark when the command word is spoken.
Level 18 85000 gp
Level 23 425000 gp
Level 28 2125000 gp

Wondrous Item
Property: This map shows all the tunnels, caves and caverns, both natural and artificial, within a 50 square radius of the map when you speak the command word. Speaking another command word removes all markings from the map, causing it to look like a blank sheet of parchment. This property only functions in the underdark.

Level 23: 100 squares.
Level 28: 200 squares.

Power (4e Item Usage::Daily): 4e Item Action Type::Free Action. You speak the name of a single person. If that person is within 50 squares of the map, it shows the person's exact location. This power only functions in the underdark, and only functions when the map is activated.

Level 23: 100 squares.
Level 28: 200 squares.

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