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Ubuto’s Shield

Summary::Ubuto, a legendary undead hunter from the jungle regions, used this shield during his many forays against the zombi minions of a powerful necromancer. The shield has absorbed some of Ubuto’s power, and is a potent defense against the undead. Ubuto’s Shield is a +5 large leather shield weighing about 7 pounds. Anyone who wields this shield in battle is completely immune to disease, level drain, paralysis, and negative energy damage. The wielder is not immune to temporary ability damage, but such is recovered at the phenomenal rate of 1 point per minute instead of the usual 1 point per day. While the shield does not automatically heal permanent ability damage, it does allow the wielder to cast greater restoration once per day. A lich can destroy Ubuto’s Shield by casting shatter upon it; no other creature can harm it.

Type::Major artifact; Strong abjuration; CL 20th; Weight: 15 lbs.

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