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Social Skill Trinity: unifying Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Bluff Edit

This is a reconstruction of the three top social skills to make them more effective and easier to use.

The Skills and UsesEdit

Though I am keeping the names of the skills, their uses are going to be slightly altered as so:


Bluff is used to guide a targets action without their realization. Thus, Bluff is used to lie, misdirect, and lead a target to a particular action.


Diplomacy is used to sway a target into an agreement or consensus using logical arguments, debate, and social graces. Thus, Diplomacy is used to trade, persuade, and arrange deals and oaths.


Intimidate is used to force a target to action with threats, aggressive body language, and displays of power. Thus, Intimidate is used to interrogate, command, and shock a target.


A command or action suggested using any of the above skills can be countered in one of three ways:

Stand Your GroundEdit

You roll a Will Power save to contest the roll. Success means that you have resisted the suggested action and can act normally. Failure indicates you follow the suggested action.

Read the StatementEdit

You roll a Sense Motive check to contest the roll. Success indicates that you have read the targets purpose in proposing the action, and can act accordingly. Failure indicates that you deem the action in your best interest and follow the suggested action.

Counter OfferEdit

You roll your choice of Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate with another suggested action to contest the original check. Success indicates that you have asserted your suggestion successfully, and the target must in turn Stand, Read or Counter. Failure indicates that your suggestion was completely ignored, and improves the targets check result by the amount rolled under the original DC for the purposes of Reading or Standing Your Ground.


Bluff and Intimidate are generally standard actions, while Diplomacy usually requires at least a minute. However, circumstances can dramatically alter the time required.


Counter Offer can cause retries until it fails, but Standing Your Ground and Reading can only be attempted once per command. The actual command can be retried if unsuccessful, but almost always at a penalty.

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