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Created By
Frank and K
Date Created: 2006
Status: Completely transcribed
Editing: Please don't alter it.

Tome of Necromancy

Necronomicon resized

The Tome of Necromancy: serving all your undead needs since your dying breath.

[[Summary::Unlike the Revised Necromancer Handbook, which is a compilation of the Necromancy rules as they stand, what you are reading now is the rules for Necromancy as they should be.]] We feel there is a need for this because despite (or let's not kid ourselves, because of) the considerable amount of space given over to Necromancy in officially sanctioned products, the classical Necromancer does not function under the rules as written. Vampires can't run or be staked, there aren't any prestige classes that make you any more of a necromancer than you are with the base classes, and honestly no one even knows how the basic necromancy spells work. Not because they are stupid, but because the rules for such things are contradictory in several key places.


Chapter 1: The Morality of Necromancy: Black and Gray

Moral Option 1: The Crawling Darkness
Moral Option 2: Playing with Fire

Chapter 2: Necromancy with Class

Corpselight Whisperer
Uttercold Assault Necromancer
Boneblade Reaper
Stranger with the Burning Eyes
Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries
Death King
Widow Queen
Bone Rider
Thief of Souls
Soul Merchant
Lurker in the Swarm
Heartless Mage
Speaker for the Dead
Lord of the Damned

Chapter 3: Necromancers with Style

New Descriptors

Chapter 4: The Necronomicon

The [Healing] Subschool
New Spells

Chapter 5: New Rules

Becoming Undead
Locations of Necromantic Importance
Necromantic Equipment

Chapter 6: Monsters

Artificial Intelligence
Previously Published Monsters

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