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Symbol: A colossal black orb with a blinding infinity symbol in its center
Home Plane: Unknown
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: The well being of the Multiverse and all in it, creation, power, destruction and fate/time
Clergy Alignments: All worship this being in some way or another
Domains: All
Favored Weapon: A mace whose top is tipped with his symbol

Summary::The Demiurge calls

In the beginning there was he the all father, the creator, the reaper and the great architect all titles of the singular being that created the multiverse. He created all beings with power and all without. The title of Demiurge belongs to him and him alone he is so powerful he is even above the great concept of divinity. Not a deity or anything he is a category all by himself in power. His appearence is unknown but it's assumed it is as an impossibly large humanoid with instead of flesh he is made up of swirling black and white energy.

Dogma Edit

Ticonderoga encourages one thing that survival of all things is quintessential to the multiverse's existence and that his followers do whatever they can to survive.

Clergy and Temples Edit

All pay homage to Ticonderoga simply by existing because he is the creator of the Multiverse. Those who build temples to him build them in the shape of a pitch black dome with a shining infinity shaped skylight.

Pantheon Edit

This deity only stands to observe as time plays out.

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