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Summary::Tall, magnificent long limbed beings with tattoos adorning there body's. Showing off there commitment to that which is committed to them.

This bloodline are strong willed meditative people that don't like being disrespected.

Table:The Tattooed Ones Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Concentration +2
2nd Con +2 Summon Tattoo
3rd Con +2
4th Concentration +2 Summon Tattoo Scribe Tattoo
5th Tattoo Affinity +1
6th Con + 1 Tattoo
7th concentration +2
8th Summon Tattoo Scribe Tattoo Tattoo
9th Con +2
10th Tattoo Affinity +2 Tattoo
11th Tattoo Affinity +2
12th Con +2 Tattoo Tattoo
13th Dex +2
14th Concentration +2 Tattoo
15th Con +2
16th Scribe Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo
17th Tattoo Affinity +4
18th Dex +2 Tattoo
20th Tattoo Affinity +2 Tattoo Tattoo

Tattoo Affinity: You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform skills

Summon Tattoo: You can materialize a spell bases tattoo as a standard action, any creature summoned acts as if by the spell summon monster. Or a free action for weapons or equipment. If summoning a piece of equipment it comes into existence for a number of turns equal to your HD.

Scribe Tattoo: A Tattooed One can have a total number of tattoos equal to his HD. Scribing a spell or piece of equipment on as a tattoo requires enchanted ink and a needle plus takes 1 hour per spell level, or enchantment level and causes 1d4 DMG per hour vs a concentration check. You can also enchant a equipment tattoo but holding a ritual giving up the normal cost for enchantment then the added cost of the tattoo.

Tattoo: A tattoo can hold a piece of equipment, a spell or a summoned monster.

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