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Date Created: March 27, 2010
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Symbol: An Enneagram in the center of a energy vortex
Home Plane: Unknown
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: All forms of energy, its use and how much of it is used
Clergy Alignments: All that use energy worship this being at least subconsciously
Domains: All that have do with energy
Favored Weapon: A sword made of intertwining energy streams

Summary::Glue is glue energy though that's a different story

Created by Ticonderoga as a semi sentient glue between time and reality it also became the battery which all energy (besides the Ticonderoga's) originates from. This being looks like a giant multi branched vortex of pure energy.


This entity is more of a force of nature than a demanding god and doesn't encourage much from its followers except use magic wisely.

Clergy and TemplesEdit

All creatures that use energy at least subconsciously worship this being to gain their power from it. Those few who consciously worship The Scource always build their temples with a winding staircase quality to it and makes sure their temples are always bursting with magical energy.

Pantheon Edit

As a font of energy this being acts as a treasurer of sorts so deities of most all Pantheons visit this deity occasionally.

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