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The Holy Grail[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Holy Grail is an ancient relic of good. Though time and age have long since destroyed any documented history of its creation, it is now a tale; a fable told by the bards of the western lands. It is said that the Grail is a grand cup made of ivory from the horn of the Grand Unicorn Patriarch Moneros, who died to save the world from the the Black Dragon Eribonyxtaliff. Little did Moneros know, he gave his life in vain, for the dragon finished the ritual to achieve Dracolichdom. He returned to the world more terrible than before and waged war across the land. The people of the world carved the Grail from the horn of Moneros and used its powers of resurrection to drive back the dragon and his wicked forces. The dragon, realizing he was losing the war, issued a last ditch effort. A team of half dragon rogues infiltrated the temple where the Grail rested, stole it and brought it back to their master. Eribonyxtaliff, not knowing the secrets of its power, attempted to drink from it, trying to unlock its true potential. It destroyed his mind and made him a bumbling, immortal fool. With the destruction of his mind, the forces of good were able to successfully drive off his remaining allies. The Grail is now said to be deep within his hoard, and the Dracolich is still there, babbling about a time he never knew and a world he could never be a part of.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Holy Grail is a grand cup, about the size of a normal goblet, though it is made of a holy ivory with golden inlays. It radiates sacred energy so that any evil creatures in a 60ft radius take a -2 morale penalty on attacks, skills, and checks.

Effect[edit | edit source]

In the hands of a good character, the Grail is a powerful tool. Any water poured into the cup instantly becomes a heal potion. If the water is left to sit in the grail for 24 hours, it becomes something even more powerful. When poured into the mouth of the deceased, it is treated as a potion of true resurrection.

In the hands of evil, The Grail is a powerful curse. Any water poured into the cup instantly turns murky and looks similar to the water of the River Styx, and if drunk by a character who fails their will save (DC 35), they completely lose their memory, with no chance of it being recovered. If the water is left to set for 24 hours and then drunk by an evil character, he must make a will save (DC 40) or die. A character killed this way cannot be revived by anything less than a true resurrection spell.

Any water that is poured out of The Holy Grail instantly changes back to normal water.

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