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Type::Hero Deity
Symbol: [[Symbol::{{{sym}}}]]
Home Plane: Home Plane::All Planes
Alignment: [[Alignment::{{{align}}}]]
Worshipers: Anything that exists in game unknowingly worships The Great DM In The Sky
Areas of Influence: Area of Influence::Everywhere
Favored Weapon: None{{#set:Favored Weapon=None}}

This deity takes on all shapes and sizes and is indifferent to the pleas of most of it's followers, only listening to the sentient ones. It created everything held near and dear to everyone and will continue to when the world stands still, for at that moment is the moment of creation. When a secret passageway is added to the map the world is reacting to the urges of it's master

  • Metagame thinking is key to the belief in one's self
  • If a voice ever describes something to you, you can interact with the object being described
  • The Great DM In The Sky is the final word on everything

Cleric Training[]

Clerics of this deity must undergo strict training on the rules of the game, often in the middle of an encounter. Knowledge of how your powers work for example will help to stem the tide of increasingly more powerful monsters The Great DM In The Sky will burden you with. The last thing you must learn to become a full cleric is how to level your character, at this point you shall be able to overcome The Great DM In The Sky's challenges. You must then help members of your group with any problems they come up with. This will set in stone the fact that you are a true worshiper of The Great DM In The Sky.


No quest has ever had a problem with The Great DM In The Sky's wishes, so always go for that magic item or save that person in trouble.


Followers of The Great DM In The Sky have a way of shifting events with the prayers they make so a cleric would do well to remember everything they say is a prayer


There are as of yet no temples constructed in honor of The Great DM In The Sky's name (hint,hint,nudge,nudge)


You aren't required to do anything for The Great DM In The Sky but spread word of his/her existence

Heralds and Allies[]

If ever The Great DM in the Sky had allies they are lost to time. A Herald of the deities coming can be anything from a message on facebook to the unraveling of a battle mat

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