Freaky Deaky Gnome Summoner

Freaky Deaky Gnome Summoner- The true name of this particular member of the MFPULP adventuring party is of little consequence... if you ever meet him you will not forget him. Originally the Freaky Deaky Gnome joined the MFPULP to bring a powerfull summoner to a mostly magic-userless party. His summoning ability was overshadowed quite early by an uncanny ability to cast incredibly powerfull combat spells such as lighting bolts and fireballs. Nevertheless he still keeps his summoning abilities sharp and is universally known for being the first summoner to call forth a Chocolate Elemental -quick thinking on his part while the MFPULP fought an assortment of demonic candy creatures at Notsoru's robot factory-just imagine Willy Wonka's edible garden on Crack, PCP and CHARLIE SHEEN... Freaky Deaky carries an assortment of magic and nonmagic items, he has a box of holding, and a scourge whip which he likes to use on himself as much as on enemies. He abhores clothing and in the past was well known for going "commando" under his summoning robes. Not a pretty site considering how often his 50 pound frame is launched through the air or tumbled head over heals by angry monsters who are not ammused by being blasted by a 8d10 lighting bolt. After traveling ten thousand years into the future with the rest of the MFPULP, Freaky discovered brightly colored banana sling thongs and usually wears them exclusively no matter what the weather... an even more unpleasant sight for all party members involved. He finally met his fate after the MFPULP had their infamous falling out, when the party took sides to settle a long standing rivalry of hatred between The Gnome Summoner and The Necromancer. At the end of the cataclysmic quarrel all members of the MFPULP lay dead except for the three dwarven fighters who made up with eachother after a ten minute pistol standoff and took the 69 VW Bus to go get an ale.

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