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The Tainted Cauldron. is a heavy large Artifact cauldron located at the centre of the plateau. it continuesly bubbles and trembles and steaming the tainted cloud up to the grey cloudy sky. this is the same cloud that corrupted Ravenshire. The Cauldron was created by Doresain King of Ghouls[1], Doresain also created the 3 negative portal located at The Ziggurat of Flesh, The Skull Abbey and at The Howling Roots.The 3 negative Portal are empowering the cauldron to continue creating its foul cloud. Doresain commissioned go-goroth to protect the cauldron and the portals.
Doresain gave him enough undead minions to take over a local Gnoll tribe and Convert them to his ways. Because of its continuous steaming and trembling the cauldron is connected to the ground by 4 large metal cahins. In case of the destruction of all the negative portals and the destruction of go-goroth. the tainted cauldron will loose all of its megical purposes and will shatter and stop.

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