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Death to the Communists of Alabas!
—A unnamed Ewigereich Soldier during the Red War
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  • The Red Blazon Knights
  • The Witchhunters Circle

The Brotherhoods Edit

Introduction Edit

The brotherhoods are many criminals syndicates spread over the world. Each region has its own brotherhood, which is very different from the others in methods and beliefs. The brotherhoods are independent of each other, and may even wage war between themselves.

The Brotherhood of the Blades (Werkslund) Edit

Introduction Edit

The Brotherhood of the Blades is the brotherhood based in Werkslund, the most prosperous region. They are a collections of thugs of the worst kind. The Brotherhood of the Blades' dominion over the region is actually very weak compared to the extent of domination the other brotherhoods exert over their respective regions. Unlike other brotherhoods, the Brotherhood of the Blades is divided in gangs. The official leader of the Brotherhood of the Blades is the Kingpin, one who exerts dominion over the other gangs' leaders with raw power.

Recruitment Edit

The Brotherhood of Blades recruits its members young. In fact most members started back when they were but children. Homeless children, young bullies and other desperate kids are easy targets for the Brotherhood of the Blades. The initiation involves beating an innocent mercilessly.

Methods Edit

Bloody and messy, they are often needlessly violent and kill for minor infractions. They are well known for their hand in prostitution, illegal money business, selling drugs and alcohol, smuggling illegal products and supplying thugs all over Werkslund.

Goal Edit

The Kingpin's goal is the brotherhood goal, more often than not it involves getting more power, money etc. ...

The Brotherhood of the Wolves (Slasvesh) Edit

The Brotherhood of Blood (Milir) Edit

The Brotherhood of the Mist (Ontamo) Edit

The Brotherhood of the Night (Montrealm) Edit

The Brotherhood of Rust (Nova Sivius) Edit

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