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Balance: Fighter

Tentacle Parasite [Type::Deformity, Type::Vile] Summary::Gain a tentacle attack, but unfortunately it has a mind of its own. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Willing DeformityBenefit: You grow a warped tentacle some place out of your body, granting you a primary tentacle attack that deals 1d4 plus your Strength modifier in damage for Medium creatures. The tentacle causes your body to be unnaturally shaped and you must retrofit your armor as if it was build for unusually shaped creatures (x2 cost of mundane components). The tentacle has a mind of its own and will attack any enemies at your full attack bonus, with no action on your part. However the tentacle tends to cause trouble as well, rearranging your items, getting in the way, and otherwise causing trouble for its host. Whenever the host encounters an important situation, such as meeting an important figure, attempting to stay in disguise or stealthy, or trying to pick up his dropped sword, he must make a Will save against DC 10 + your HD - 1 for every vile feat you possess, or the tentacle will act on its own to sabatoge the efforts of its host while the current situation persists.

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